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Anik Singal – Lurn Sumit 2.0

Anik Singal – Lurn Sumit 2.0
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Over 11,000 Tickets Sold For Lurn Summit #1 – We’re Back, New and Improved!
Legendary Entrepreneurs Show You How to
Start, Launch & Grow a Digital Business…

What is Lurn Summit 2.0?
So, the Lurn Summit is a virtual summit taking place with the world-class speakers who will speak about building and growing your business online.
The 2-day summit will take place for 8 hours on both the days, thus a 16-hour complete event with lots of learning about online business.
The summit is said to cover almost everything right from creating an online business mindset to the step by step process to setup and run your business. Eventually, it will lead to learning advanced topics such as Facebook advertising and copywriting.
Thus, anyone who’s planning to start an online business or someone who already has one but seeks some more growth can absolutely get to the event.

What does the event include?
The summit is going to be held with multiple experts (mentioned later). And do you know what’s even more attractive about this summit? It happens on the weekend, and you got to pay just $1 to attend. Yes, it’s that easy, convenient and affordable.
Now here’s what the entire event will cover:
The speakers will help you learn how to build an email business, how to create a consulting business and the secret formula for how to make sales that can give your thousands of dollars instantly per sale.
That’s not it! There’s more! The event will help you become a copywriting master, get you equipped with Facebook ads, YouTube ads, free traffic and also the much-needed Influencer marketing.
The event also has Kevin Strawbridge, the CEO of ClickBank. Thousands of transactions take place every hour, every day. You can imagine what level of knowledge he may have! Thus, you get the opportunity to learn the trends on ClickBank.
This includes comprehending what people who make the most money are doing right now, how they do it, how they get traffic and how they convert their traffic.
Moreover, the event will cover multiple business models, traffic strategies and conversion strategies making it worth for your business and your career!
What’s more? The event is not just a speaker session. Instead, it is more of an interactive one. Thus, you can ask questions, create engagement and interact to solve your queries!

– Bob Proctor- How to RESET Your Mind & Breakthrough…
– Invest in YOU – The Power of Personal Coaching…
– The Best Business Models to Start in 2018…
– How to Setup a Passive lncome Stream (Part One & Two)…
– The Billion Dollar Opportunity in Digital Publishing
– How to Get Your 1st $2,000 a Month Client
– Ready, Set, GROW – Day 2 Rundown!
– Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad Keynote Interview…
– How To Sell ANYTHING Using Words…
– The Opportunities in Organic + Paid Traffic
– Why Facebook & Youtube Are The Hottest Traffic Sources Of 2018…
– How to Spend Time With the Lurn Team In-Person…
– The Hottest Social Media Platforms in 2018…
– The Power of Affiliate Marketing – Kevin Strawbridge, ClickBank CEO…
– How to Make Money Using Other People’s Followers…
– How to Get 100% Free Online Traffic…


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