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Ayodeji Awosika – Medium Writing Superstars

Ayodeji Awosika – Medium Writing Superstars
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"



Medium Writing Superstars
A proven step by step system to make hundreds or thousands of dollars writing in as little as 30 days–even if you have no website, mailing list, or social media presence.
To make money being a writer online, everyone says that you have to:
〰️ Start a website
〰️ Grow an email list
〰️ Grow a social media following
〰️ Post 3x times a day
That might work after a few months, but there’s still one problem: none of that stuff makes money by itself! When’s the last time your Twitter or Facebook sent you a check because your post went viral?
But hey, at least you’ve got an audience. If you want to make money from that audience, the next thing the “experts” suggest is:
〰️ Promoting other people’s writing for a free
〰️ Joining an affiliate program and promoting their products for a commission
〰️ Creating your own product
〰️ And then they tell you to create a high ticket offer so you can really rake in the bucks
And I’m not gonna lie. You’ll probably make some money. But did you make money the wanted to, as a writer, or did you have to sell your soul and become a slave to marketing, endless scarcity and urgency tactics, and writing what’s polarizing instead of what you love.
But what if I told you there’s a real way to make money as a writer, where you don’t have to do any of that extra stuff, and you could just focus on your craft…
The Moment When My Entire Life Changed.
“Oh my GOD!!!! MY STORY WENT VIRAL!!!! WOW!!!!”
Jamie Varon, a popular writer from thoughtcatalog.com, a site I used to write for, was going on and on about this site called Medium.
She posted a story there and it was doing ridiculous numbers.
“Hm…” I thought to myself.
I’d been writing for a while, but the puzzle pieces still didn’t fit. I was working hard, but the results weren’t matching the work and I started to get frustrated.
I wondered if Medium was the answer I’d been searching for, so I gave it a try.
I posted an article on the website, waited a day, and then checked my stats.
Zero, zilch, nada. Nobody read my post.
I tried again. A handful of people read my post, but nowhere near the same amount of views I got from other sites. Not even close. Not in the same universe.
I quit posting on Medium.
But I kept reading Medium posts from top writers who were getting tons of views. Like a lot of aspiring writers, I saw people succeeding, but still struggled to find success myself.
As I kept reading these articles from top writers my envy and frustration grew. What did they know that I didn’t? Were they better than me or did I have what it took to succeed, too?
I got tired of sitting on the sidelines.
I tried again. I studied the website trying to figure out how to succeed. I studied the top writers. I looked at how they wrote their articles, where they posted them, and how they promoted them.
I learned about publications–these mini-magazines on Medium. I got accepted to a top publication. After that, it was off to the races.
My traffic started to grow. I got accepted into more publications. I got more traffic from Medium than all of the other websites I posted on.
I stopped posting on other websites altogether.
At the time, the Medium didn’t pay writers, but I was getting a bunch of traffic and email subscribers.
Then, it happened.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
They’ll Pay Me to Just…Write?
Ha, Sure…
I became a top writer on Medium. I had almost 8,000 followers and grew my email list to 3,000 subscribers.
Medium announced it was about to start paying its writers.
I gave it a shot and started posting articles through the partner program, which paid writers based on how often Medium members read their work.
I made $225 dollars.
“Hey, that’s something,” I thought.
Over the next few months, the numbers grew and grew.
I went all-in on Medium and the numbers kept growing.
It worked.
Like gangbusters.
Like, exceeding my expectations by 100X.
It was nuts.
I made $10,000 per month on Medium 17 months in a row, with a peak month of $21,963.96 cents.
💰 I’ve earned more than $430,000
directly from Medium earnings 💰
But this isn’t about me.
It’s about you and a dream you’ve had for a long time.
You’ve heard about people making money writing online, but it all just seems overwhelming.
You probably have thought to yourself:
> How do I get started?
> Who do I trust? Everyone gives contradictory advice on how to make money writing
> Do I need to set up a fancy website and learn all of these marketing skills?
> Sure, other writers make money writing, but can I do it?
> Don’t most writers try to make money writing fail?
You can make money writing online, but you must avoid the mistakes that will keep you stuck, frustrated, and broke with no audience.
The 3 Huge Mistakes New Writers Make
I know the mistakes you’ve made. I know the mistakes you’re about to make before you make them.
It pains me to see writers who could be successful continue to make the same easy to fix mistakes over and over again.
I put this program together because I made all of these mistakes myself. Instead of learning the hard way, let me help you succeed.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
Mistake #1 – Listening to the Wrong People
To be successful in life, look at the results of the person who is giving you advice.
A lot of new medium writers join Facebook groups and get advice from other new medium writers.
These groups do more harm than good because most writers in the groups are inexperienced, which means they share faulty assumptions. Most of these groups are nothing more than places new writers can go to whine, complain, and lead their fellow writers astray.
If you work with me you’re getting advice on becoming successful on Medium from someone who:
✔️ Has 90,000+ followers
✔️ Has earned more than $425,000 directly from Medium
✔️ Is commonly regarded as one of the best writers on the platform by readers and other writers
I’ve spent 8 years learning how the platform works. Let someone with real experience and results guide you.
Mistake #2 No System for Success
Most writers fail because they don’t have a proven system for success:
✔️ They only write when they feel like it
✔️ When they do sit down to write, they just stare at a blank page and start typing or they don’t write anything at all
✔️ They randomly choose ideas to write about or struggle to come up with ideas at all
✔️ Successful writers use a system to create predictable and reliable success.
Here are the outcomes you’ll get with the system I teach in Medium Writing Superstars:
✔️ You’ll always be motivated to write and you’ll publish 2-4 articles per week with ease
✔️ You’ll have endless ideas for blog posts with viral potential
✔️ You’ll know exactly what to write, how to write it, as well as how to edit your work without getting stuck in perfectionism
Look what happens when you follow a system:
Mistake #3 Believing in Myths
Most new Medium writers hop on the platform and make a lot of assumptions based on a tiny amount of experience.
They believe things like:
👉 You can only make money writing on Medium by writing about Medium
👉 Or you have to write about self-improvement and making money
👉 Real art can’t thrive on Medium. You must write formulaic blog posts and listicles only
👉 You can’t make money on Medium & it’s a waste of time.
Lies, big lies.
I’ve had students make hundreds and even thousands of dollars from a single blog post writing about the following topics:
👉 Eating bananas
👉 Ejaculation control
👉 Dating advice
There are different pockets of Medium you can use to write about different topics, but new Medium writers either don’t know where to look or just don’t take the time to do it.
I created a bonus resource called the Publication Black Book that contains 50+ top publications with links that go straight to submissions page for each.
I break the list down based on niche and what experience level you should have before trying to join each publication. In the Medium Roadmap, I give you a strategy that shows you when to start joining top publications.
Once you solve these easy to fix problems and avoid making rookie mistakes, you get to experience all the amazing benefits of Medium.
Imagine what it would feel like to know exactly which topics to write about.
✅ Imagine what it would feel like to have zero writer’s block, endless ideas, and the skills to write and publish viral articles regularly.
✅ Imagine knowing where to publish those posts to get the most views and no longer feeling like you’re just publishing into the abyss only to hear crickets.
✅ Instead of fumbling around with different strategies, you’d be building a growing audience and income using Medium.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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