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Basic Cryptocurrency Trading Course 12 Trading Robots

Basic Cryptocurrency Trading Course 12 Trading Robots
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Learn Cryptocurrency Trading Starting from Basics, Going Through Manual Trading, up to Professional Algorithmic Trading
What you’ll learn
Learn the basics cryptocurrency trading specifications and details about the platforms
You will know a profitable manual trading strategy that can be applied to all cryptocurrencies
How properly to trade with Expert Advisors(Robots) and eliminate emotions in trading
Learn the proper money management, which is essentially important when trading
Master a manual trading strategy that will provide you with great entry points
Learn to recognize the important levels on the market, and know when to trade and when not to trade
You will know how to use the major trend direction which will improve your results
Practice trading with different cryptocurrencies so you will have better diversification
Basic cryptocurrency trading course is a complete guide from basics to advanced crypto trading
No prior trading knowledge or skills are needed. If some experience is there, it will be useful
Computer/laptop/smartphone with a good internet connection is a must in trading
The most necessary tool is required – strong desire to learn and practice
Are you a beginner trader looking for a complete A to Z cryptocurrency trading course? If yes, that might be the right course for you.My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am a professional trader and mentor. I have launched many advanced courses for cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin trading, Ethereum trading, manual trading, and algorithmic trading. However, many students asked me to create a basic cryptocurrency trading course, and I have decided to answer the requests.More, I have added 12 Robots (Expert Advisors) to the course so that every student can test actual algorithmic trading.I did not want to launch basic courses because I do believe when someone pays for something, it should be more than what is available over the internet for free. And all the basics in trading are there for free.That is why I have put my whole experience and knowledge into this course to make it more than that.What will you learn in the Basic cryptocurrency trading course?You will see what it means to be a cryptocurrency trader and not an investorHow to recognize the scam brokers and tips to choose a legit brokerYou will know the Meta Trader platform – free and provided by most of the legit brokersWhat is CFD trading, and how useful it could be in cryptocurrency tradingWhat is the trading lot, and how to calculate your risk of exposureYou will learn all trading specifications such as chart types and time frames, spread and swap, pips and points, leverage and marginWhat are the Pending orders, and how precisely to use the Stop Loss and Take profit optionsYou will get familiar with a tested manual trading strategy based on the trendLearn the Counter-trend line as a tool that gives excellent entry signalsYou will know what the indicators for trading are and how to use them in Meta TraderLearn about the strategy builders – the professional programs in algorithmic tradingYou will know how to generate, select and automate strategies into Expert AdvisorsFollow the exact performance of the Expert Advisors and decide which ones to useYou will learn how to manage two accounts – one for testing the EAs, and one for real tradingThe Idea of the CourseIn this basic cryptocurrency trading course, I will start from the very basics of trading. I will go over a manual cryptocurrency trading strategy that is suitable for beginners and advanced traders. It is a simple strategy that will increase your confidence when trading.I will add many examples from the strategy, good and bad, so you will see how I handle the losing trades as well.The markets have proven what it is not a one-way ticket to heaven with cryptocurrencies. They can be very negative and fall like a stone. That’s why the manual cryptocurrency trading strategy that I will show you is suitable even when the price is going down.And yes, we can benefit even when the price is going down, and I will show it to you in a trading example.I will dive into algorithmic trading with cryptocurrencies. I will cover the more professional algorithmic trading with Expert Advisors. This way, the course will be introductory and, at the same time, very professional. I will show you a professional strategy builder called EA Studio. I use it to generate, test, and automate strategies into Expert Advisors. These are the so-called Robots for trading (if you wish to try it, you may sign up for a free trial version and practice).Contents and OverviewI will teach you how to correctly export the Historical data(the past quotes from your broker) for each cryptocurrency, generate strategies, and select the Top ones. The idea here is that we create 100s of trading strategies for the different cryptocurrencies, and we choose to trade only the top ones. After that, if one starts to lose, we replace it with the new ones that we have generated tested, and selected.I will also show you an example of trading with 12 EAs into one account and how we select to use the Top performers into a different account. Of course, I will include the 12 Expert Advisors so that you can practice algorithmic trading. The Expert Advisors are for Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.The process does not require any trading or programming skills-just a desire to learn and practice.By the end of this Basic cryptocurrency trading course, your confidence as a trader will be different. You will have a great understanding of the cryptocurrency market, and you will be able to trade comfortably.Who is the instructor?I am Petko Aleksandrov, the founder of EA Forex Academy. I have dedicated the last years to educating people in Cryptocurrency and Forex trading. Over the last year, I had more than 13 000 students joining my courses and leaving great reviews. This period gave me much power and energy to keep trading and sharing my strategies and Expert Advisors.In the Basic cryptocurrency trading course, you will find 12 Expert Advisors that are ready for trading. In all courses, I do my best to provide ready-to-use trading systems, strategies, and Expert Advisors, so at the end of each class, you will have something useful and valuable.The best thing is that you receive lifetime access to this course, which means that all future improvements in the basic cryptocurrency trading course you will have now! Together with all my other courses, you will receive full support personally from me.Enroll now, and I will help you take better trades!See you inside the class!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Disclaimer
Lecture 3 Course Quick Tips
Lecture 4 In this course you will be able to
Section 2: What to know before start trading
Lecture 5 What is to be a cryptocurrency trader
Lecture 6 The brokers
Lecture 7 How to recognize the scam brokers
Lecture 8 Choosing the good broker
Lecture 9 Meta Trader installation
Lecture 10 What is the CFD trading
Lecture 11 The LOT
Section 3: Trading platform specifications
Lecture 12 The Trading chart
Lecture 13 Chart types and time frames
Lecture 14 Market watch
Lecture 15 Spread and swap
Lecture 16 Pips and points
Lecture 17 Leverage and margin
Lecture 18 The navigator
Lecture 19 Quiz!
Section 4: Trading
Lecture 20 Different types of orders
Lecture 21 Stop Loss and Take Profit
Section 5: Manual trading
Lecture 22 Support and resistance
Lecture 23 Support and resistance – practical activity
Lecture 24 The trend – Dow Theory
Lecture 25 Trend Line
Lecture 26 Trend line – practical activity
Lecture 27 Counter Trend Line
Lecture 28 The Trading strategy and the key point
Section 6: Examples with the stategy for manual trading
Lecture 29 Ethereum 1 – Placing the Pending Order
Lecture 30 Ethereum 1 – Trade opened
Lecture 31 Ethereum 1 – TP reached
Lecture 32 Ethereum 2 – Trade opened
Lecture 33 Ethereum 2 – SL hit
Lecture 34 Ethereum 3 – trade opened and SL hit
Lecture 35 Dash – short trade
Lecture 36 Dash – trade closed
Section 7: Algorithmic trading
Lecture 37 The Indicators
Lecture 38 The strategy builders – Exporting the history data
Lecture 39 The strategy builders – Generating the strategies
Lecture 40 The strategy builders – Selecting the Top EAs
Lecture 41 Placing the Expert Advisors in Meta Trader
Lecture 42 How we follow the performance of the EAs
Lecture 43 Placing the TOP 3 EAs in a separate account
Section 8: Conclusion: The practice is most important to achieve results
Lecture 44 Results from the second account with the TOP EAs
Lecture 45 BONUS Lecture
People that are just starting trading the cryptocurrencies and want to learn the basics,Anyone who desires to make profits daily by trading and not just buying and waiting,Traders that want to execute the trades manually and control the trades,People that are working during the day and want to trade with Robots automatically

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