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Best Trading Strategies Revealed – The Prosperity Trading Course (BTSR)

Best Trading Strategies Revealed – The Prosperity Trading Course (BTSR)
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
Change Your Relationship with Markets
& Therefore Money
Professional traders, those who take the most out of the markets, leave footprints on ALL price and volume charts.
If you want to know the inventory objectives of professional traders simply notice how they use price to influence volume. Price and volume are the only true leading indicators. Price and volume enable you to anticipate price movement/to trade with foresight not hindsight.
It is not buying that causes prices to rise. It is rising prices that causes buying. And it is not selling that causes prices to fall, but falling prices that cause selling.
Being able to recognize and duplicate the patterns of those who take the most out of the markets is a very precious skill few possess.
Markets were set up for one purpose: to transfer money from the many to the few. You have the choice to be part of the many or one of the few.
You Can Stop Being A Victim & Learn What
Professional Traders Don’t Want You to
Know About the Markets to Create
Your Own Wealth!
The SECRET is to want what the market wants.
How do you know what the market wants?
The market wants what Professionals Need to Meet Their Inventory Objectives.
Pattern recognition of how professionals manipulate price and volume enables traders to know what the market wants.
The odds are prices are going to go in the direction needed to meet the inventory objectives of those who TAKE the most out of the markets, Professionals.
Probabilities are a trader’s power. Successful traders know probability is all they have. Probabilities are their safety net. Probability is why traders who consistently take money out of the markets trade with a predetermined stop loss on every trade. Probability is why winning traders win.
You gain a legitimate advantage when you align your actions with those who control price and volume you are trading on probability. You are no longer gambling, you are speculating. To be successful at trading, to join those who consistently take money out of the markets, you must have a probability based mind. Probability is the edge. Probability keeps a trader out of trouble.
Richard Ney, the person who taught me to recognize the patterns/behavior of those who manipulate the markets, said “In which it is shown that if you scrap traditional approaches to the market and attack the financial conspiracy with its own weapons, you can beat the stock exchange insiders at their own game.”
Are you willing to do something different to have something different?
Markets don’t move. They are moved.
When amateurs are buying someone is selling. That someone is the professional. When amateurs are selling someone is buying. That someone is the professional.
Professionals do what amateurs won’t do, sell on rising prices/up bars and buy on declining prices/down bars.
Professionals accumulate at wholesale and distribute at retail.
This enables them to trade with the best risk reward ratio, the coveted asymmetrical risk.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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