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Clayton Makepeace – The Makepeace Method for Writing Million Dollar Sales

Clayton Makepeace – The Makepeace Method for Writing Million Dollar Sales
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How You Can Write Million-Dollar Sales Letters in 7 Days or Less
Clayton will walk you through FOUR career-transforming webinars that give you a crash course on the exact method he uses to write a sales letter in as few as seven days.
Each of these “Makepeace Method Webinars” is designed to not only provide you with the foundation for writing sales copy faster but also continually strengthen your copy know-how.
Here’s how it works:
– Makepeace Method Webinar #1: Product Presentation Magic. Clayton will give you the 10 key questions you must answer before you write a single word of copy. help you identify the key emotional benefits that will make your product irresistible to prospects. show you how to make your product as relevant as this morning’s headlines. and much more.
By the time you are done with this webinar, you’ll know what emotional triggers will appeal most to prospects. the critical first step in crafting a winning control.
– Makepeace Method Webinar #2: How to Read Your Prospect’s Mind. You’ll get a full set of 14 critical questions you must ask to fully understand how to speak to your prospect. You’ll learn how to instantly establish yourself as trustworthy to your prospect. what you must say to make this purchase mandatory in his mind. how to identify the objections you’ll have to overcome in order to make the sale. how to get your prospect’s own imagination working for you. and much more.
– Makepeace Method Webinar #3: Beat the Blank Page Blues. You’ll get the prized outline Clayton uses to get a fast start on every project he works on. Then, using the work you did in the first two webinars, Clayton will walk you through the process of turning your outline into a research document. a rough draft. and finally, a strong first draft.
With this third webinar under your belt, you’ll now be ready to WRITE!
You’ll see how quick and easy the writing process becomes. and you’ll feel far more confident and ready to tackle ANY assignment that comes your way.
– BONUS! Makepeace Method Webinar #4: Supercharge Your Writing Plan. And then to continue your training, in about a month’s time, Clayton will do a live “Hot Seat” webinar where he’ll critique what you and your peers have written based on his instructions. You’ll see firsthand what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can apply these lessons to YOUR copy.
You Will Also Learn from Clayton’s “A-list” Network of Copywriting Buddies – Some of the Country’s Best Direct-Response Pros!
6 modules from top pros in the industry (priceless). Some of these guys ONLY did this because Clayton asked. They do not share their secrets anywhere else:MODULE #1: Jedd Canty and Henry Bingaman: Secrets for Developing Million-Dollar Themes and Headlines
MODULE #2: Richard Armstrong: What’s Your Story?
MODULE #3: Patrick Bove: Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt: Keys to Credibility
MODULE #4: David Deutsch: Master Course – Creating Fascinating Fascinations
MODULE #5: Lori Haller: Copy that Sails Through Production
MODULE #6: Clayton himself: The Ultimate Close
PLUS. FIVE bonus gifts:BONUS GIFT #1: 40 Headline Idea Starters
BONUS GIFT #2: Steal These Secrets Volumes 1 and 2
BONUS GIFT #3: A Dozen Seductions, Part III – “End of America” Promo Analysis
BONUS GIFT #4: Slides and Handouts for Every Single Module
BONUS GIFT #5: Book Analysis: Gerry Spence’s “Win Your Case”

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