Daben – Building Consciousness – Part 1 – Expanding Your Consciousness
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This course, Expanding Your Consciousness sets the foundation for the building consciousness series. The focus in this course is on expanding your consciousness, so you can increase your ability to perceive more about whatever you focus on, from physical energies in ordinary reality, to your relationships, business, emotions, thoughts, and activities, to the subtle energies to the guides and inner teachers.

Starting with an expanded experience of self-exciting, you will discover new levels of surrender and openness that are necessary to expand your consciousness into areas you have never been aware of before. Awareness of these areas in the higher realms will bring you awareness of new areas in ordinary reality as well.

You will learn light body skills to assist you in seeing and sensing the energies about you from a larger spectrum and scale, as well as from an infinitely smaller scale. This allows you to see into the energies in a way so that when you return from these spaces, you can have awareness and insights about the situations in your life that are new and bring you original, creative ideas. As you expand the scale and spectrum of the energies you can view, when you view situations in your life you can have more insights and understanding about them than you had before focusing your consciousness in the way you will learn.

You will be guided into states that take you beyond the mind into pure awareness, understanding at an experiential level what consciousness is, and gaining a greater ability to sense the Infinity of the Divine and of your own nature. Expanding your consciousness with light body skills can transform who you think you are and how you feel about yourself and your life. As you expand and illuminate your consciousness with these skills, you will need to be open to allowing your personality to transform, to your perspective expanding, to the circumstances in your life changing, and to your relationships growing in harmony and love.

DaBen’s Building Consciousness skills taught in this series of three courses are recommended after learning the Radiance: Self-Exciting light body skills. Filling in the frequencies skills are also recommended. DaBen teaches you how to greatly expand your consciousness, become aware of a greater “you” that spans many dimensions, and leads you to experience states that have been described by others as �enlightened�. You will be guided to experience the non-linear time of the higher realms, explore omnipresence where you can put your consciousness many places at once, and move into states of flow and radiance that can transform all the energies about you, including your thoughts, emotions, body, and situations in your life.

Course contains 13 DaBen journeys, Duane talks, and written material. No Orin journeys. Music is by Michael Hammer.

PDF booklet with transcripts is an online product (there is no printed version that will be sent to you). The PDF for this product will appear in your Member’s Area under “My Downloads” after purchase for you to view online, or to print.

Daben – Building Consciousness – Part 1 – Expanding Your Consciousness: Videos, PDF
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