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Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner Of Mind Bending Language Certification Training 2021

Igor Ledochowski – Practitioner Of Mind Bending Language Certification Training 2021
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Author: Igor Ledochowski
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
Announcing Igor Ledochowski’s BRAND NEW Live & Online 6-Day ‘Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Certification’ Where You’ll…
“Discover How To Covertly Influence & Inspire Others In Any Conversation Using My Brand New ‘On-The-Fly’ Mind Bending Language System!”
Dear Friend,
Do you want to know a secret?
It’s not something most hypnosis trainers like to reveal, however I think it would be enormously helpful to hypnotists (or anyone seeking to motivate and inspire others).
So here it goes:
The MOST effective (and fastest) way to influence people in any area of your life is to do so completely and totally… COVERTLY!
Allow me to explain.
Your UNCONSCIOUS is the part of your mind with the most control over your behaviors, emotions, thoughts and decisions.
You can think of it like the brain’s “command center”.
There’s just one problem:
You can’t access the unconscious without FIRST getting past the conscious mind.
It’s kind of like trying to gain entry into a fortified castle. First, you’d have to make it past the guards (whose main job is to “filter out” unwelcome visitors).
Only then could you proceed to the inner walls of the castle.
Similarly, the conscious mind is extremely protective and hesitant to grant access to the unconscious mind.
You’re likely to face resistance and doubt — even if you have positive intentions!
That’s why the best way to SLIP INTO the unconscious mind is to do so…UNDETECTED!
This way, you bypass the “gatekeepers” of the mind and go straight to the unconscious where you can then move someone to take the kinds of actions you want them to take.
It’s like having your very own…
“Invisibility Cloak” Into the Unconscious Mind
Which is EXACTLY what you get when you use Mind Bending Language.
In fact, I’ve watched hypnotists, sales people, executives, coaches, parents, spouses get ground-breaking results using this covert hypnosis technique.
The SECRET to their success?
Spontaneously “blending” Mind Bending Language into ordinary conversations.
That’s right.
The REAL magic happens when you can naturally, smoothly and effortlessly “mix in” mind bending questions, patterns and phrases into your conversations without overthinking or second-guessing yourself.
Unfortunately, many hypnotists struggle to do this “on the fly”.
They get bogged down in the principles behind mind bending language, trying to understand why and how it works.
It trips them up and they miss out on opportunities to use mind bending language in everyday conversations, coaching or hypnosis sessions where they could be helping real people overcome REAL problems.
And that’s a shame.
Because the beauty of mind bending language is that you don’t need to understand WHY or HOW it works…
Just like you don’t need to understand what’s under the hood of a Ferrari in order to drive one.
Far from it.
To successfully use Mind Bending Language, all you need are the ground-breaking “MBL Formulas” you simply fill in with ANY problem and outcome…
And instantly generate the EXACT questions, phrases and language patterns you can blend into your conversations to shift perspectives, overturn problems and inspire brand new ways of thinking.
Which is exactly what you’ll discover in my upcoming 6-day LIVE & ONLINE certification training.
The NEW “on-the-fly” system revealed in this exclusive live event makes Mind Bending Language SO easy and simple to use, that after this training, even a total newbie will have the skills and confidence to connect to anyone’s unconscious and covertly influence them to take the actions YOU want in regular, everyday conversations.
Here’s What You Can Expect From ThisThe Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
6-Day Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Certification Live Training Event:

  • Find out the easiest and most simple method for becoming proficient with mind bending language (It’s SO easy once you know the secret!)
  • Start using advanced mind bending language from DAY ONE with a complete “out of the box” method that doesn’t require previous experience or preparation
  • Discover the ground-breaking “Mind Bending Language Formulas” you can simply fill in with any problem and outcome and you’ll have all the language patterns ready to go!
  • Gain the skills to make your mind bending language subtle enough for a boardroom conversation OR intense enough to give a university philosopher sleepless nights trying to come to terms with what you said. It’s up to you!
  • Develop a “mind bending” intuition so hypnotic language patterns and questions slip out of you naturally in conversations (your influence will be irresistible… yet totally covert!)
  • Run complete Mind Bending coaching conversations and sessions with ease
    Make your questions elegant and natural… even if you’ve NEVER used mind bending language in the past!
  • Create covert instant inductions within a single conversation. It’ll happen naturally and organically without setting off mental “alarm bells”
  • With this system nothing your subject says will be immune to the “MBL breakdown” you’ll discover in this training!
    Gain a natural intuition for how to adapt mind bending language to fit your setting and conversational partner
  • Use MBL questions to “pinpoint” the REAL underlying issue (and beliefs around it) that is keeping someone stuck in their existing thinking and actions
  • Induce lightning fast trances, with a single question!
    Mix mind bending language into conversations without getting frustrated or confused
  • Discover mind bending “spins” that are so powerful you can use them with complete strangers… and leave them begging you for more
  • Turn your curiosity about others into your own special superpower. You’ll gain a whole new way to think about and communicate with people that lets them escape their own limiting beliefs
  • Effortlessly trigger unconscious creativity and “aha moments” in your conversations making them more meaningful and memorable
    Exponentially increase your ability to lead as others start to look up to you for your ability to create change and inspire action
    Create “hidden trances” so you influence and inspire others… in a completely covert way!
  • Become a certified Mind Bending Language practitioner — you’ll be one of the few hypnotists with the skills to coach people for deep transformations using MBL
  • Achieve unimaginable and almost instant changes to someone’s feelings, emotions, thought patterns and behavior
    Start using Mind Bending Language at an advanced level to trigger positive transformations at the unconscious level
  • Go into conversations with a deep sense of confidence and purpose… knowing you’re always just one question away from inducing a deep insight or transformation
  • Get fast (and comfortable) influence results in just about any area of your life where you have to deal with other people

And as an exclusive SPECIAL BONUS…
You’ll also get online access to TWO BRAND NEW Mind Bending Language Solutions Decks with the exact questions, phrases and language patterns you can drop into your conversations and induce rapid trances and transformations.
All you need to know is the problem, outcome or behavior someone wants to change… and the rest is a breeze.
You simply plug them into each question or phrase, and just like that, you have the exact phrases and questions you can use to break down problems, dissolve issues and transform behaviors.
Your first set of cards includes the FREE Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Patterns Deck with 60 Cards. Here’s a quick preview of the 60 power cards, which are split up into 6 suits…
10 Space Cards – Empowers you with the language patterns to change someone’s perception about WHERE their problem exists.
10 Time Cards – Allows you to dissolve the existing constraints of time surrounding your subject’s problem.
10 Energy Cards – Break down self-doubt and loosen the unconscious mind’s grip on any problem.
10 Matter Cards – Bring into question the existence of a problem or issue and transform the mind’s perception of how it exists.
10 Identity Cards – Gives you a fast track to personal transformation by changing how someone feels, thinks and acts.
10 Specialty Spins Cards – Use these language spins to go BEYOND the original patterns and take your mind bending language to the next level.
Your second FREE (Online Access) Practitioner of Mind Bending Language Modifiers Deck Includes 81 Cards which you can use to modify the core language patterns and create countless variations so you never sound dull or repetitive.
Here’s a quick preview of the 81 power cards, which are split up into 5 suits…
16 Mind Bending Cheat Codes Cards – Easily distract someone from their core problem so their attachment to it starts to break down and fade away.
21 Mind Bending Quantifier Cards – Add in these quantifiers to your patterns and use them interchangeably to increase the “mind bending” nature of your questions.
20 Mind Bending Energy Cards – You’ll start to use these modifiers in an intuitive way and bring a special “mind bending” energy into any conversation!
13 Mind Bending Connector Cards – These seemingly simple connectors integrate neurological opposites and give the unconscious mind a chance to FLIP their problem on its head!
11 Mind Bending Time Cards – Manipulate the concept of time, putting someone into the past or future to change their relationship or attachment to a problem. This is time travel at its best!
Each card also comes with examples so you can quickly understand how to use them when you’re speaking or writing.
What’s more, they’re definitely a handy and fast way to master a new skill.
All I ask is that you use your influence with caution. Because mind bending language is extremely powerful, and if you misuse your influence you can cause serious consequences for your subjects.
So if you’re ready to use this tool to be a force for good and multiply your positive influence then I invite you to join me for this rare opportunity.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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