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Marketing And Sales Strategies From Famous Brand Names

Marketing And Sales Strategies From Famous Brand Names
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⏺ What you’ll learn
How to avoid all the major branding mistakes that even big companies are making
How to find a Brand name by focusing on what works
How to create a visual that goes with your brand for maximum impact
Discover marketing war stories that explains why some brand grow while others die
What sets this apart from other courses is that I am as real as it gets. You can check out my IG account and see how I am branding my own projects!
⏺ Requirements
No Experience in branding and marketing strategies required
⏺ Description
Ultimate Branding course for small and growing businessWhat is branding?You know what Branding is. And I am sure you know it’s more than just creating a logo or putting a watermark on something.When no one knows who you are, why would anyone pay attention to you?I don’t waste any time in my courses, that’s why we are going to hit the ground running.Let’s start by understanding the differences between Tactics and Strategies, so that you can immediately start growing your business with minimal risks.Then we will dive into the essence of branding and explain these simple but crucial formulas that will make your branding more powerful than others.Branding = 1 Type of Product + 1 Way + 1 Type of CustomerBranding = Quality + Product + MeaningTactic = Competitor Knowledge + Marketplace TrendStrategy = Tactics + Time + (Why it works)Let me help you find a Brand name for your business by showing you what works and what doesn’t. Believe it or not, your name falls under 5 categories and there are 3 basic naming rules that you should follow for your name to be unique.Now that you have a unique brand name it’s time to make it meaningful and memorable by using visual power. I will show you how to use visuals and how to anchor it in the minds of your customers, so that whenever they think if your niche, they will think of you.And finally, I will bring you into the marketing battlefield and tell you war stories. Why do some businesses grow, while others die?By the time you reach the end of the course, you will have a good idea how to take your brand to the next level. You will know what mistakes to avoid and how to stand out and survive in the marketplace.As an added bonus, you can even contact me on Instagram. I will personally take a look at your brand and give you custom tips.Instagram Name: juntopmodelSo what are you waiting for?Let me show you why Branding is the single most important thing you can do for your Business.#branding #marketing #business #management
⏺ Overview
Section 1: Marketing and Brand Management – Outside-In Marketing Campaigns
Lecture 1 Strategy Vs. Tactic – The Outside – In Rule
Lecture 2 10X your Sales LIVE Workshop this Week
Lecture 3 The Tactics Triangle – Create Tactics that work
Lecture 4 Strategy – How to Find your Marketing Direction
Section 2: Branding your business – The Essence of branding
Lecture 5 Branding 101 – How to Conquer with your Brand
Lecture 6 Branding 202 – Be Different Not Better
Lecture 7 Branding 303 – How to get Loyal Followers
Lecture 8 Branding 404 – Go where the battles are
Section 3: Personal branding online – Brand Names
Lecture 9 Brand Name Failures
Lecture 10 5 Brand Name Categories
Lecture 11 3 Basic Brand name Rules
Section 4: Visual Power
Lecture 12 Visual Power and its Limitations – Concrete Vs Abstract
Lecture 13 7 Visual Strength Secrets
Lecture 14 Power of the Package
Section 5: Brand Wars
Lecture 15 Brand Wars Episode 1 – Do not Attack Your Competitors Directly
Lecture 16 Brand Wars Episode 2 – The Opposite Approach
Lecture 17 Brand Wars Episode 3 – Stay in the market and stay specialized
Lecture 18 Brand Wars Episode 4 – Attack other niches not your competitors
Lecture 19 Brand Wars Episode 5 – Expansion Failures
Lecture 20 Brand Wars Episode 6 – Create a unique package or stay mediocre and die
Section 6: Epilogue
Lecture 21 Online Vs. Offline
Lecture 22 This is not Goodbye
Small Business owners and People who are creating a personal or business brand,People who are interested in learning why some brands grow while others die

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