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Marley Baird – Social Momentum
Original Price: $497
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ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Growing And Scaling Your Business…
Finally Use Addictive Social Media Content To Grow Your Audience, So You Can Generate Sales 24/7
Social Momentum’s content strategy and process allows you to attract your target audience from scratch and grow your online presence so that you can bring in more sales, get more consistency in your business and meet your revenue goals with less effort
Join Social Momentum Now LIFETIME ACCESS – Limited Time Only
$497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $97

It’s my most in-depth Social Media and Video Marketing for Business training course designed to take you by the hand and give you the simple, easy to follow steps that produce results in virtually any niche and any business.

Experience the effects of social media and video marketing that quickly transforms you into THE authority in your industry. So selling becomes easier, trust becomes instant, and growing your business becomes effortless.
Was $197/month
$497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $97
“I started Social Momentum back in March and since that time I probably haven’t even implemented even half of what I’ve learned but at the same time I’ve managed to have two extremely good months since joining. First month I doubled my income, second month I maintained that amount, got a little bit more… My social followings have increased specifically on Instagram and on Facebook and a lot of that is because of the stuff that she’s been teaching in her group. Like I said, I haven’t even implemented even half of what I’ve learned and I’m already having some great results and I look forward to working with her even more.” – Curtis Dewar
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Bonus #1: How To Set Up Your Lead Magnets On The Best Platforms!
Value: $497
Bonus #2: Build Audiences Without A Following In 30 Days Or Less!
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Bonus #3: Content Calendar Process And Done-For-You Template!
Value: $497
Now is the BEST time to get in to Social Momentum with LIFETIME ACCESS!
You can get in right now and get started by taking action on your Social Media and Video strategy so you can grow your following 3x faster than everyone else and get ahead of the competition by doing the kind of video strategy that most people aren’t doing… yet!
Was $197/month
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$497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $97
What Social Momentum Will Do For Your Business:
Social Media Strategy In 6 Steps

Module 1: WHO [2 videos]

Step 1: Developing your social media objectives and goals
Step 2: Identifying your target audience and generating insights
Module 2: WHAT AND WHERE [2 videos]
Step 3: Knowing your touchpoints, channels, and platforms
Step 4: Conduct a social media audit
Module 3: HOW [2 videos]
Step 5: Create a content strategy and calendar
Step 6: Budget and resources
Advanced Social Media & Content Marketing Techniques

Module 1: Content Planning That Gives You Your Time Back [4 videos]

Develop a content plan, objectives, and strategy to make an impact with your target audience

Module 2: Delegating To Your Team [4 videos]

Workflows, management tools, tips and tricks to manage a team to save you time and money so you can focus on more revenue generating tasks for your business

Module 3: Content Generation With Less Time And Effort [3 videos]

More time? Less effort? Effortless content generation that converts? Yes please! Includes idea techniques and content creation templates

Module 4: Content That Generates Leads

[3 videos]

A content strategy that generates a buzz and moves people closer to becoming a new paying customer!
Facebook Momentum Strategy
Module 1: Building A Strong Foundation

[5 videos]

The foundation you need to create a Facebook page that not only attracts eyeballs, but REAL customers and strategies to find them!
Module 2: Your Compelling Brand And Content [3 videos]
Your customized content plan that matches your brand voice and compels your audience.
Module 3: Deploying Your Compelling Content [10 videos]
Tools and time saving strategies and tips to 5x your content and leverage your team to create more results with less effort!
Module 4: Analyzing The Results [3 videos]
Analyze, compare, and pivot to achieve maximum results!
BONUS MODULE: Instant Exposure:
Boosting your video content for cheap views!
Instagram Momentum Strategy
Module 1: Optimizing Your Profile [3 videos]
The 8 keys to creating an engaging Instagram profile for your business
Module 2: Your Magnetic Instagram Style
[3 videos]
Create an Instagram page that will not only attract and compel your audience with your unique Instagram style.
Module 3: Deploying Your Magnetic Content [10 videos]
Design and grids, tips and tricks! How to deploy and build relationships through your stunning Instagram content.
Module 4: Analyzing The Results [2 videos]
Analyze, compare, and pivot to achieve maximum results!
BONUS MODULE: How To Get Anyone To Notice You On Instagram
Alright I’m SOLD! Sign Up Now
Twitter Momentum Strategy
Module 1: Twitter Optimization [3 videos]
Setting up your Twitter account like a pro!
Module 2: Twitter Strategy [2 videos]
Hashtags, retweets, and how it all comes together to engage your audience.
Module 3: Deploying Your Compelling Twitter Content [9 videos]
Not only how to use your 140 characters wisely, but how to listen for leads and get in front of the people who are already looking for you!
Module 4: Analyzing The Results [2 videos]
Analyze, compare, and pivot to achieve maximum results!
Advanced Strategy: Twitter Lists To Engage With Your Audience
YouTube Momentum
Module 1: Optimizing Your YouTube Profile
[6 videos]
Get you set up like a pro on YouTube to draw in your audience for you!
Module 2: Creating Hyper Effective Video Content [7 videos]
Content that makes an impact! We’ll go over your scripting formula, filming equipment, and filming process and create a call to action with a bang!
Module 3: Ranking And Video Promotion Strategy [8 videos]
If you film it they will come! But let’s make you rank first and 5x your content on all platforms to guarantee it!
Module 4: Uploading Videos To YouTube With SEO [6 videos]
The 4 keys to uploading with SEO to get more emails on your list, more money in your pocket, and more time to focus on the important things in life!
Keys To Copywriting
Module 1: What Is Copywriting [2 videos]
Intro to copywriting and the difference between content writing and copywriting
Module 2: Effective Ingredients Of Copywriting [4 videos]
Features, benefits, pain points, consequences, and customer personas
Module 3: Putting The Copywriting Ingredients Together [6 videos]
Putting it all together to create copywriting that sells!
Module 4: Copywriting Resources and Tools
Swipe files, samples, templates and tools!
Email Marketing Machine
Module 1: Your Email Marketing Guide
[6 videos]
Defining your audience, choosing a platform, types of marketing emails, the design and scheduling of your emails
Module 2: Starting And Growing Your Email List [3 videos]
Lead magnets, opt ins, and conversions, oh my!
Module 3: Email Marketing Optimization For Best Results [2 videos]
Metrics to measure and how to track campaigns
You’ll be able to get in, know exactly what to do, and reap the rewards.
Get more eyeballs on your content, and more sales through your business.
Was $197/month
Join Now! This HUGE discount is ending soon…
$497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $97

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