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Michael Breen – Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja

Michael Breen – Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja
Original Price: $297
Author: Michael Breen
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On This Advanced Training You Will
Master Insights Such As.

The Secret to true Communication Magic – it involves doing the complete opposite of what most hypnotists and NLP’ers are taught
Why you need to get past memorised patterns and tools if you ever want to become a master of change
How to develop Ninja like elegance and simplicity – the ability get in and out of peoples minds without being noticed
Why believing in an unconscious mind may actually limit you from becoming a great hypnotist
How to use the structures and patterns of ordinary conversations to direct people’s thoughts
How Michael used Radical Subtraction Modeling to identify the underlying structure of suggestions and hypnosis
An easy to apply method Michael uses to ingrain his learning into muscle memory. You can use this to make hypnotic language an automatic natural part of your communication
How to use NLP Goal setting principles to enhance and accelerate your linguistic wizardry skills
The only way to train your brain to become twice as good
The unique and little known Sherlock Holmes Hypnosis Formula. Master the ability to ask hypnotic questions that change people
How Michael gets his mentees to accelerate their learning by watching more TV!
How to build a state of belief and certainty that your client will accept your suggestion
How Michael used face reading to chose what language to use
The real reason why weak trainers say not everyone can be hypnotised and why this is a complete LIE
The insiders secret you need to know to change someone’s life with just one question
How Michael can take the least likely technique to work in any situation and still deliver amazing results.
Michael takes you thorough how he resolved a debilitating phobia of flying with just a simple conversation
Advanced insights into the Meta Model never shared before
Michael’s favourite exercise to master the Meta Model
What really happened when Michael flipped the Meta Model upside down. And how it helped him become an elite coach and change consultant
The secrets of the Framing Tool to almost magically read people’s minds .that will change how you work with clients forever
The most in-depth Q&A Michael has ever done on the Meta model. He explains the underlying structure of language, the brain and human communication
get inside your client’s head
How and when to elegantly use convincers in your language
What you need to do to become a hypnotic pattern maker
Michael’s video camera exercise to master time and space predicates
How to use tone and non-verbals to ensure people follow you
Watch Michael live as he coaches audience members using the 3 step hypnotic language ninja skills
The Ultimate Formula for creating suggestions that stick and influence
How to construct suggestions and test that they are working during a normal conversation
The real reason why people like Michael Breen (and Richard Bandler) succeed in changing their clients
And So Much More…

Michael Breen – Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja: Videos, PDF
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