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Purple Knowledge Lab Live Event – James Van Elswyk

Purple Knowledge Lab Live Event – James Van Elswyk
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Author: James Van Elswyk
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Facebook and Instagram
Lead Gen to Ecom at the highest levels
Ad Copy
Persuasion Copy for ads, advertorials and “video advertorials”
Long Term / Stable Profit Center Necessity for Media Buyers
Using the Power of celebrity for Huge ROI
There’s nothing worse than grinding on your FB campaigns all day and feeling like you’re just missing something
All day your campaigns haven’t worked and you don’t know if it is audience overlap, a pixel thing or maybe just Facebook is being Facebook. You end your night reading through all your Facebook groups and Skype chats and you keep reading the SAME two things.
– 1. They know something you don’t
– 2. They are making lots of money
Bottom line is – Lots of answers out there but not one stable idea or method
As you go to sleep you’re making a plan for tomorrow but realize you have no idea what you should do. Keep Adsets? Kill Adsets? You go to sleep confused.
You Wake up and feel good. Cup of coffee in hand you sit down and go to check how the stats are performing, you’re feeling real hopeful things optimized down while you were asleep.
You login and BOOM.a red box from Facebook that you were suspicious or violated something.
The Geekout Event was DESIGNED in the way I want to learn. NO BS, NO FLUFF, Just learning built for learners and earners. My Plan is simple..
Put 4 really smart “top of the food chain” thought leaders in a mansion for 2 days and just let them talk about the techniques and nuggets they use to “make the magic” a.k.a. make lots of money.
1 The experts will just “go deep” on their passion and areas of expertise
2 They will GeekOut on what they Love and share all the hidden tips and tricks things you can use TODAY
3 They need to Back it up with screenshots and data Most importantly
4 They ANSWER any DAMN question you have
This is where the hacks, loopholes and tactics get turned in to knowledge Bombs. We want to put you in this room with the experts and the “game changing” methods they have. We want you to sit on in a room of 20 people and give you instant personal access to speakers and network with other people like you.
Or ..
You can learn from home on your computer watching it all unfold on a live stream. Let’s do this! Come learn with us. Let’s get smarter together.
Van Elswyk James
Spends 1M per month on Lead Gen
James Van Elswyk has had a crazy journey from a one-man affiliate to now overseeing 30 full-time employees. He started by following his instinct and moved to Israel to be closer to a Facebook office. He then trained a team of media buyers that spend up to a million a month on Facebook and natives per year.
With a background in teaching sales people, as well as his own team, he started to share how he has built his team, how he optimizes and how he scales campaigns.
Seeing a hole in the market for relevant, actionable education he decided to create “learning by a learner” where it’s no fluff.
Just “copy and paste” techniques and the reasons they make him money.
100M Instagram Followers
After he saw how cheap and effective the traffic was with influencer marketing, Jake made a huge leap, going “all in” on building both is own brands and helping other brands build a following.
He decided to move away from building “themed pages” towards helping personal brands grow their following. This led Jake to grow @cleverinvestors Instagram to 1 million followers in just under a year while driving revenue the entire time.
After spending time in the info space, Jake felt the bug to push products and after building a network of close to 100 million followers he was able to leverage that whenever a brand had need of it.
He’s become an expert at building themed influencers, micro-influencers and viral algorithm tricks. He was so successful that he made fidget spinners go viral and built the most well-known fidget spinner brand at 0-270k in just two months!
Leveraging the brand he built, Jake played a key role in getting Fidgetly’s big break into big-box retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Brook Stone.
As of today, he’s running million-dollar campaigns for up-and-coming brands through A-list and B-list celebrities.
Sandlin Ronnie
XX Million Spent on his words
Ronnie Sandlin is a master copywriter who has built multiple 7-figure online businesses leveraging his high-level persuasion strategies.
His approach is to take advantage of evolutionary biology and create copy that makes his offers psychologically irresistible.
He’s taught countless people his effective and ethical strategies to creating copy that converts and creates sustainable windfall profits.
Mr. X
You will be shocked
Mr. X began his career as a millennial consultant for PepsiCo Restaurants focused on filling their stores with younger families. He then began media buying on behalf of Apple’s team in Los Angeles and was a part of launching both the iPhone 7 and iPad Pro.
He co-founded and accelerated www.fidgetly.com (largely due to the trend and was the first to launch that initiative back in 2017) and then parlayed that into working with a big time DR team under Tim Burd and he now sits in a nice middle area between a great content/DR shop and a pure performance media buying team he’s been building.
His expertise is in ecommerce, mainly consumer goods, but is currently leaning towards consumables as he has seen firsthand how that plays a huge role in raising LTV. He is also working with 7 figure dropshipping brands as well as established brands like Pupsocks, 5.11 Tactical, Qalo, diffeyewear and many more.

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