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Ramit Sethi – Find Your Dream Job 2021

Ramit Sethi – Find Your Dream Job 2021
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Introducing Find Your Dream Job
The first course with the exact word-for-word
scripts, tactics, and psychological strategies to
crack the code of finding your Dream Job

The Everything Included course thats
helped hundreds find their dream job.

No matter which college you went to.
Even if you have limited experience.
Even if you dont know what your Dream Job is. yet.

Find Your Dream Job is the tested, step-by-step, 8-week program to seize control and rapidly identify your passion, tap your natural network, find your Dream Job, and interview and negotiate so youre paid what youre worth.

Including the Extraordinary Dream Job Vault, stuffed with 25+ hours of bonus video, video teardowns, live interview critiques, word-for-word case studies, and ready-to-use email scripts. Built to force you to take action. Yours for life.

From Ramit Sethi, author of the instant New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.
Take a look at these 3 people. They didnt all go to elite universities. They werent all born networkers. They didnt even know what their passion was.

But when they applied these powerful techniques, heres what happened
18 months ago, I started on a quest to find out exactly how top performers were able to land Dream Job after Dream Job, in just days, even in the worst economy in 70 years and then negotiate thousands of dollars in raises. From my experience in personal finance, I knew most career advice out there was questionable, but until I dug in, I didnt realize just how out of touch it really was.

Our REAL career questions include things like
PROBLEM 1: We want to find a job were passionate about. When our parents tell us to find a safe job and settle down, we just stare at them. Maybe that worked 30 years ago, but we spend a huge percentage of our lives at work now. Who wants to do something we hate even if it pays big?
PROBLEM 2: Its not enough to pick one passion. We have 3 passions, 5, maybe even 10. How do we balance them? Without closing any doors?
PROBLEM 3: We hear all these vague phrases (Use your network!), but how are we supposed to actually use them?
PROBLEM 4: We want to walk into a job every day knowing were respected for what we do and paid what we deserve. Do we really have to put in 10 years to move up?
PROBLEM 5: We want to buy a round of drinks without wondering if we can afford it or take a vacation without getting the evil eye from our boss

Theres an answer for each of these questions. But try Googling career advice and see if you can find it.
Youll find tip after tip about size font to use on your resume. Youll learn that business cards are apparently REALLY important.
But you wont find a mention of the single-most important factor that separates average performers from top performers: the psychology behind finding a Dream Job.
These psychological triggers separate the winners from the losers, allowing the winners to take all locking down dream jobs before theyre ever announced publicly, negotiating massive raises, and even writing their own job description while others fight over the scraps.

Why dont so-called experts write about the psychology of finding a Dream Job? Its simple. They dont know how.
In the next 5 minutes, youll see you how I combined my background in persuasion and social influence at Stanford and tested it with 20,000 data points, to build a system to help you crack the code of finding your Dream Job.
A system that for the first time is available beyond a small group of friends and elite students.

Our 7 Invisible scripts for Finding a Dream Job
I discovered 7 Invisible scripts to finding a Dream Job beliefs so deep, theyre often invisible to us. How many of these scripts apply to you?

(Most of us hold at least 3 of these scripts but some have all 7.)
Invisible script 1: I dont know what my passions are theres so much to choose from and I dont want to pick something and be stuck with it later. And when I DO find something Im passionate about, it doesnt pay!
Invisible script 2: I dont have enough experience. How am I supposed to get experience when they wont take a chance hiring me?
Invisible script 3: I know Im supposed to network, but I hate selling myself. What are you supposed to say, anyway? Why would a busy person want to help me?
Invisible script 4: I need to figure it out. I really need to figure out what I want to do
Invisible script 5: I suck at interviews. Even if Im lucky enough to get an interview, I never get the job. I always fall apart or just end up rambling.
Invisible script 6: I followed all the rules. I went to college, got good grades, and Im willing to work HARD. What about all the stuff we were all promised? What about the 6-figure job? Wheres that?
Invisible script 7: My situation is different. I dunno I cant get a job because Im too old/young/went to a state school/majored in English/Im a job hopper/I dont live in the USA.

How many of these scripts do you have?
And whats your natural response to them?
Just like weve been taught since we were kids, you try harder. Its a predictable pattern but its also surprising.
You go online and start searching for how to get a raise, or writing a killer resume. And you get tips.

Top 10 ways to write a resume!
7 mistakes you must NEVER make!
68 dream careers (park ranger!)
You make list after list of all the things youre interested in and you could potentially do.

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