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RSD Derek – Ten Commandments of Game
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The Ten Commandments Of Game will go BEYOND what your typical dating program delivers, beyond the strategy, tactics, routines, and techniques.
The Ten Commandments of Game will give you Ten Core Principles that will serve as a rock-solid foundation for your long-term success.
If any man follows these TEN IRREFUTABLE RULES for a focused period of time, he WILL flip the switch inside himself and become magnetically attractive at his core.
Sure, inside the Ten Commandments, I will lay out my blueprint, the strategies, the mastery-level tactics, mindsets, tips and tricks for getting the girl/s of your dreams, HOURS UPON HOURS of that are contained inside, but what’s unique is that every lesson relates to and supports one of the Ten Commandments.

What’s Waiting for You Inside:
Feature #1
Ten Commandments Of Game Core Program

Feature #2
8 Topic Specific Instructor Masterclasses

Feature #3
22 Derek Client Success Case Studies

Feature #4
Inner Game Bible

Feature #5
Elite Lifestyle Bible

Feature #6
Conquering Cockblocks Bible

Feature #7
The 3 Sacred Questions Guidebook:
The Ultimate Guide To Redefining Your Unshakeable Identity

Feature #8
In-field Technical
Game Guide

Feature #9
Exclusive Derek Dinner Feast & New Year’s Eve
Bootcamp Experience Raffle Entries

Feature #10
30 Minute Game Accelerator Coaching Call With
Derek’s Lead Bootcamp Assistant

“Derek, the legend! He’s always been with the company, he’s been a massive influence with us, trained all of us instructors, literally every single one. He has been a massive influence for me personally and he has been traveling the world giving his own Bootcamps of which I hear the craziest stories.”
-RSD Max


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