ScottPulcini – SI (STOP/ICEBERG) Indicator Trading Setups and Educational Course

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Scott Pulcini - SI (STOP ICEBERG) Indicator Trading Setups and Educational Course 1

Scott Pulcini – SI (STOP ICEBERG) Indicator Trading Setups and Educational Course 1
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Hi, Its Sandy for Wildly and I want to share with you the top money manifesting mistakes women make. Because when you become conscious of the mistakes you’re making, you’re able to do something about it, change it, transform it so you can begin to manifest more money in your life.
How do I know about these mistakes – I’ve pretty much made every one of them!
So, mistake number 1 is…
Taking Action Without Changing Your Mindset
You have millions of actions, and processes, and thoughts, and things that happen every single day in your life. If you have to consciously think about every one of those things, and then make a choice about every single one, like which foot to put on the floor when you first get out of bed, how to squeeze the toothpaste tube, how to wash your face, how to get dressed, you’d literally have a meltdown. Your brain couldn’t cope.
You are a Hard-Wired Habit Machine
So, you and your brain are hard-wired to just be a habit machine. So most things you do during the day are just a habit, you don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to make a choice. You just do today what you did yesterday, and the day before and last week and last month and last year and last decade. It’s just what you do. So, because most of your actions are just simply repetitive habits they hav
Scott’s in-depth six part, 2+ hour MP4 video file educational course with accompanying PDF’s on the exact setups he looks for when taking trades using the incredible SI Indicator with MBO data from Scott covers FIVE different powerful, high-probability setups with over 50 visual examples with detailed explanation on taking trades. Scott also provides the relevant thresholds to trigger these setups in 19 different futures markets including: E-mini S&P, E-mini Nasdaq, WTI Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Copper, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, 30 yr Bonds, Euro, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen.
“I first read about Scott in “Enhancing Trader Performance” by Dr. Brett Steenbarger. Ever since reading that book, I wondered “Who are these traders, and HOW do they trade, what are they looking at, WHAT is happening in their minds? I purchased Scott’s SI Indicator course and it definitely provides insight into those questions. And not just that, Scott shares several setups which he uses on a daily basis. He is a proponent of Bookmap software (which I discovered from one of Dr. Brett’s columns) and TAS Indicators. So, I have learned a LOT. This is not some dude selling the magic wand of markets without experience. This is someone that, for many years, was essentially a “one-man institution”. If you have any interest in learning about markets, trading, the psychology of trading, THIS will be well worth the time.”
Twitter: @anthonyb786
​“Scott’s SI Indicator course has been extremely helpful to me. The course gives you five very clear & precise trade setups that have helped me become a very profitable trader.”
C. Harclerode
​“I just wanted to say how much I rated the SI course you put together, it’s proved invaluable over the last week or two.”
​Twitter: @_idjjones
​“I recently subscribed to Bookmap’s MBO S-I Tracker but had not been able to use it effectively until Scott came out with his course in which Scott not only explains the context of the stops and icebergs triggering at certain levels interacting with the resting liquidity in the order book, but also goes through numerous examples of the different trading setups that can be leveraged from this tool. The thresholds for various instruments provided by Scott and his pointers throughout the videos equips the retail trader with incredible knowledge to take high probability setups only using the S-I tracker. For someone looking to understand how to put the S-I tracker to use in practice, Scott’s course is very helpful.”
​Twitter: @sjaffers
“I bought Scott’s course yesterday and I love, love, love it! If you are on the fence about buying this, don’t be. I’ve been watching the MBO SI’s for several weeks now, but not really sure what to do with all of it. Honestly, I was thinking about giving up on Bookmap because I thought my regular charts looked so good. But I have to say, this course changed everything for me – it’s a game-changer. There are five setups to learn and they all make sense to me — perfect sense. Also, along with the setups, Scott gives you proper threshold levels re volume that keep you out of “meh” trades and show you where potential winners have a higher probability. I took a CL trade this morning based on one of the setups and it was a big winner for me. I rate this with 5 stars, but it would be 10 stars if I could.”
e stemmed from having repetitive thoughts.
Your Brain is Like a Sponge
From birth till about the age of seven, you are a sponge. Your brain is like a sponge, and it just absorbs everything around it. Why is that? Because think about it, think of all the rules and the things that you have to know to live in a family, to stay alive the things that you have to do within your family, the way you have to sit at the table, use a knife and fork, put on their clothes, the way you have to talk, the choices you make, the way you have to behave…like, every single solitary thing you do in your life.
So, think about a toddler, from age one to about six or seven. With all those rules for living – how can you teach a toddler anything? Think about it. Try and teach a toddler anything at all and they’re not going to understand and remember, they don’t have the patience or brain capacity to learn and remember everything, so nature has made it so that instead of a young child having to actually learn and remember, instead, nature makes it easy, they just absorb.
Your Brain Just Absorbs
They absorb everything around them. They absorb the way their parents and family talk, emotions, reactions, thoughts, beliefs, everything. So, you usually think the same way your parents think and you do the same things your family does, and you have the same ideas your parents do and the same beliefs they have…
And what happens at about age seven, that’s usually around when we start school, that’s when we start to have more discernment and that’s why we can go to school and we can start to learn other things that are different to the beliefs, attitudes and actions of our family. But up until the age of seven, we just absorb absolutely everything.
And so those beliefs, those attitude that you have are hard-wired into your brain. You probably don’t even know they are there, or where they came from… all those beliefs.
Family Money Beliefs
My family had beliefs that money was evil and people who made a lot of money were greedy and stood on other people’s toes, and if you made a lot of money, you must be doing something wrong – maybe dealing drugs. All those beliefs that you aren’t aware of are just deep, deep in your brain, and they have hard-wired your brain to have certain beliefs and then from those beliefs you take certain actions around money and those actions create certain results.
Are You Pushing Money Away?
So, for me although at a conscious level I wanted more money, at a subconscious level I was pushing it away, I was sabotaging any chance to create or attract more money, and even if I bought more into my life, I found ways (unconscious ways) to make it disappear again.
And you may find this too, because, unless you change your mindset, nothing is going to change.
But because it’s at a subconscious level, that’s the problem.” You don’t even know most of the time that you have those beliefs. They’re just there, and that’s why you take certain actions, and that’s why you get certain results, and that’s why, potentially, you’re not able to manifest the prosperity, and abundance, and the freedom you desire because you’re running on programs that are not serving you.
They are running in the background, stopping you from attracting money, or from keeping money you make or from multiplying your money.
Outdated Money Programs
You brain is running on old outdated money programs that are holding you back, keeping you away from success and prosperity.
For instance, if you had this belief in your family that money was bad and rich people don’t go to heaven or just the general thoughts that most parents from decades ago had about how having lots of money is bad, if you’ve got that hard-wired into your brain, then when you go to make money, when you go to do something new, when you go to create some sort of success, at a very subconscious level, your brain is going…
You Will Self Sabotage
“No, don’t do that. You don’t want to be one of those bad people, one of those evil people, one of those people who steps over other people,” and so you will stop yourself from creating success, or if you do create more money, you will sabotage yourself and create something in your life to make the money you create disappear. That’s why most people who win the lottery are just as broke if not more broke a year or two after winning – because they have attracted more money, but they haven’t changed who they are, haven’t changed their subconscious beliefs.
Money Mindset + Actions = Results
So, you must change your mindset. Working on your mindset is absolutely key to changing things in your life. If you want different results, you have to take different actions, and if you want to take different actions, you have to change the way you think. That’s the only way you can expect to get different results.
I give my students inside my Millionaire Mindset Experience special subliminal and hypnosis audios which help them to re-wire their mind at the subconscious level so they naturally become a magnet to money. Because when you change at a cellular and subconscious level you will begin to effortlessly see more money in your life, you will keep more money in your life and your money will grow and flourish and expand in your life
P.S.  If you’re ready to re-wire your mind to manifest more money, join us in the Millionaire Mindset Experience 7 week program.
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