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Shopify Dropshipping – Step By Step (Ultimate Guide)


Shopify Dropshipping – Step By Step (Ultimate Guide)
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Author: Dionte Kidd
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How To Build A High Converting Shopify Store

What you’ll learn
Find Products That Are PROVEN To Sell Online
How to build And Online Store from scratch
How to run ads and target quality buyers
How to build a REAL brand around your online store
No other courses needed. Everything You’ve ever wanted to know about dropshipping is here.
Learn how to build a HIGH converting online store from SCRATCH! Oh, and can’t forget learning TARGETED TRAFFIC for your business. Don’t just sell products that you THINK are ok to sell. Learn how to find products that are 100% PROVEN to sell. The key is “SELL WHAT IS SELLING”! Oftentimes we get caught up in things that we have always WANTED to sell. But guess what, if the market doesn’t care for it then take it out in the field and put it to rest.We are living in a time now where it is more hands free than EVER before. You don’t have to go out and physically scramble up products and try to sell them anymore. The world is digital now. What drop-shipping allows you to do is get products that you do NOT physically own… Just Import them on your website, do some targeted advertising and you can sell them all over the world. Cool thing is, since you don’t physically own the products then you obviously can’t physically ship them out. That’s where suppliers online come in and they handle that for you. That’s right.. You just import, mark up the price, promote, get sales and collect the profits. If this sounds good to you then enroll today and we will see you on the inside.
Section 1: Store Setup
Lecture 1 Store Setup (1)
Lecture 2 Store Setup (2)
Lecture 3 Store Setup (3)
Section 2: Facebook Business
Lecture 4 Setting Up Facebook Business Account
Lecture 5 Setting Up Page Likes Ad
Lecture 6 Setting Up Conversion Ad
Lecture 7 Duplicating Ad Sets
Section 3: EXTRAS
Section 4: Conclusion
Lecture 9 Conclusion
This course is for anyone who has ever wanted to have their OWN store/business. With the times we are living in now, why not put it all ONLINE?

Shopify Dropshipping – Step By Step (Ultimate Guide): Video, PDF´s
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