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Six Thinking Hats and the Disney Method

Six Thinking Hats and the Disney Method
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Learn Two Powerful Parallel Thinking Methods which speed up meetings and lead to better decisions.
What you’ll learn
How to Facilitate Really Effective Meetings
De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats – an efficient parallel thinking technique for better, faster meetings
The Disney Method – a structured brainstorm method for generating and refining creative ideas
Improve meeting management, reduce conflict, speed up meetings and deliver better decisions.
Ensure a rounded view and so increase buy-in to decisions made.
Advance your career with better meeting management skills
Have you ever been to a meeting and left frustrated because you did not have the chance to really express your ideas? Perhaps it was because of poor facilitation, dominant stronger voices or even a fear of the boss?. Many meetings are dysfunctional, rambling and ineffective. Conflict, politics, power plays and posturing can all lead to frustration in meetings. Would you like to run meetings which are efficient, effective and decisive? This course explains two powerful parallel thinking methods which overcome the problems often seen in conventional meetings.
Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a technique which gets the whole group to think with the same outlook at the same time. It is proven to reduce conflict, ensure a rounded view, speed up the meeting and deliver better decisions. It has been used in board rooms, committee metings, jury rooms and business discussions in order to give an efficient structure to the meeting and to ensure that all points of view are heard in a constructive manner. It leads to faster and better decisions. Another benefit is that you get better implementation buy-in because everyone has participated and had their input heard.
The Disney Method is a creativity technique attributed to Walt Disney. It leads a group to adopt four different viewpoints of a problem and so to generate, critique and refine creative solutions. It is a structured brainstorm which delivers innovative but practical solutions.
This short course shows you exactly how and when to use these methods. It will make you a much better facilitator of meetings. It will speed up meetings and you will be pleased to see your meetings deliver effective outcomes in a very positive manner. These essential management tools will help you in your career.
Who this course is for:
Business professionals, students, trainers, meeting facilitators, managers.

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