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Steve & Connirae Andreas NLP Videos

Steve & Connirae Andreas NLP Videos

Steve & Connirae Andreas NLP Videos
Author: Steve & Connirae Andreas
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Video 1
Steve Andreas – NLP Eye Movement Integration
Eye movement integration (EMI), developed by Connirae and Steve Andreas, is NLP’s kinder, gentler, more rapid and effective version of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). In this demonstration you will see the entire 50-minute treatment process with a veteran who had experienced PTSD with repeated intrusive memories of a nighttime firefight over a period of many years, and for whom other methods had not been effective.
EMI is a very simple method that is particularly effective with problematic memories from the past, and anxieties about the future. Since EMI is a general way to integrate different brain processing modes, it can also be used to resolve—or at least clarify—a wide range of other symptoms and problems. This process is described in great detail in Eye Movement Integration Therapy: the comprehensive guide, by Danie Beaulieu, Ph D.
50-minute video recorded at the 1993 Fifth International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in Orlando, Florida.

Video 2
Steve & Connirae Andreas – Changing Beliefs
Steve and Connirae demonstrate how to use submodalities (sensory distinctions such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft) to help people modify limiting beliefs. They explain the technique and illustrate it with Tom, a man who believes that “not having money makes him a better person.”
Transcript in PDF is provided.

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