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Vince Del Monte – 6 Week Vanity Specialization Programs

Vince Del Monte – 6 Week Vanity Specialization Programs
Original Price: $39
Author: Vince Del Monte
Sale Page :_http://www.vincedelmontefitness.com/p/vanity-arms/

Do You Want To Blow Up ANY Lagging Body Part
& Literally FORCE It Into Rapid Growth?
While Saving 75% Off The Future Price?

Hey there, it’s Vince and you’re going to HATE me for this but

building up a weak body part is EASY!

Of course GENETICS and many other variables have a LOT to do with HOW EASY it will be for you but the PROCESS is actually a “no brainer.”

Packing on muscle requires you to take advantage of your body’s limited recovery resources to ADAPT to stress.

To truly build an amazing body, you MUST understand how to do this properly.

Unfortunately, this is where you’re likely going wrong.

And this is how you end up frustrated, defeated and believing “no matter how hard I train, I can’t build any more muscle!”

But don’t worry… you’re NOT doomed to failure in building up those lagging body parts!

On this very page I’m going to show you how you can literally FOCUS your body’s mass-building efforts into a SINGLE MUSCLE GROUP and gain incredible size in a VERY short time period.

In no time, you’ll have a perfectly proportioned body where YOU are Lord and Master over how much muscle you want to build in ANY area of your body you wish.

You see, I’ve made it my goal to discover the most cutting-edge advancements in the scientific world of muscle building and to SHARE them with my loyal clients who have found my programs to be so powerful.

So, today, I would like to invite you take the call to action to improve ANY one of your stubborn body parts, with my newly released 6-Week Vanity Specialization Programs, your next logical step to maximize your muscularity without drugs or bogus supplements in just 6 short weeks.

These specialization programs are YOUR go-to resource for getting:

A defined CHEST with canyon-like cleavage!
A bigger, denser, and wider BACK that screams Awesome!
Bigger, rounder and sculpted SHOULDERS that pop!
Another 1-2 inches on the most toothpick BICEPS and TRICEPS!
Ripped, jaw-dropping QUADS and HAMS the size of tree-trunks!
Big, shapely, cow CALVES on even the most twig-like lower legs!
A set of razor-sharp SIX-PACK ABS that scream to be touched!

During the release of the 6-Week Vanity Specialization Programs, Im seeking out a 300 Person Test Group to put these workouts to the test, document your progress and deliver me a killer testimonial in exchange for a 75% Discount Off The Future Price Of The Programs:
How To Integrate These Programs Into Your Year

These programs are appropriate for 6 weeks out of every 18 weeks of hard training.

After you complete your 6-week specialization program, youll need to focus on a more evenly spread workout or specialize on another body part before going back to the same one.

Heck, if you want to, you can pick your 3 weakest body parts and simply rotate between specialization cycles for them every 18 weeks so that youre constantly improving your weak spots and balancing out your physique!
No Joke, These Workouts Are NOT For Everyone!

Now, I can tell you right now that these programs are NOT for you if youre going to ask about cardio recommendations or cutting during the specialization phase

This is neither the time nor the place to try to trim down. You need to be in a major calorie surplus to get those stubborn body parts to grow, so make sure youre doing these programs at the right time of the year.

I also DO NOT recommend these programs if you have less than 3 years of consistent training under your belt because they are excruciatingly hard and will leave even the most advanced trainee quivering by the end.
Before You Add These Workouts To Your Cart Today, Its Critical You Understand WHY They Work, Fast

Think of training like digging a ditch in your recovery. You dig the ditch when you work out (create fatigue) and then you grow your muscles (re-fill the ditch) when you sleep, rest, and eat.

If you do this right, you will slightly OVERFILL the ditch, leaving you with a little more muscle each time you train.

Well, after several years of hard training, you need a LOT more effort to continue making progress.

The best way to make progress is to periodically OVERTRAIN a muscle or group of muscles and then allow for crazy recovery to occur.

In other words, the deeper you dig the ditch, the more extra dirt you will be able to put on top when you recover.
I Wish I Could Take Credit For The One-Of-A-Kind Specialization Programming Behind These Workouts

However, I cant!

They were designed alongside my own coach, Ryan The Solution Faehnle.

One of the biggest questions Ryan and I get from our 1-on-1 coaching students is,

How do I bring up this stubborn body part?

For me, its been biceps and triceps. Regardless of how hardcore I train them, they refuse to respond and match the development of the rest of my body so I asked Ryan:

If I were to give you a million dollars to put an inch on my arms in the shortest amount of time possible, what would you do?

Ryans response:

Without question, I would initiate a big-time overtraining protocol followed by a recovery phase with plenty of food and sleep and zero training. After all, the deeper you dig the ditch, the more extra dirt (muscle!) youll be able to put on top, as long as you allow for recovery to occur.

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