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Yes Supply Method by Reese Evans

Yes Supply Method by Reese Evans
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Author: Reese Evans
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
What Does Yes Supply Method Teach?
Yes Supply Method teaches you manifestation and how to be an online coach.
There’s a TON of these programs out there right now and some are pretty much identical to Yes Supply.
Some similar training includes Manifestation Babe, Amanda Frances, Money Bootcamp, Miraculous Manifestation, etc.
Manifestation is nothing new and became very popular after the the book and movie The Secret.
But honestly it’s been around longer than that.
The book Think and Grow Rich has been around for over 100 years and tackles this subject.
The difference is Think and Grow Rich is $20 and these manifestation courses are thousands.
Additionally, you’ll learn how to be a manifestation and online coach with Yes Supply.
I’ve reviewed all the ways you make money online.. all of them. Being an online coach is one of the worst ways to do it.
It’s really cringey and kind of humiliating work. There’s money to be made there for sure but I just don’t think most people should do it.
Yes Supply Method Overview
Yes Supply teaches you how to be an abundance coach.
Here’s a look at what you’ll receive in this course.
There’s 5 different certificates in this course.
Certification 1: Mindset Coaching Certification
Mindset training is an industry that is growing and many industries bring in mindset coaches to help their employees.
People will hire mindset coaches as well.
This certification will give you the training necessary to do this.
Certification 2: Neural Energetic Wiring
This is a pretty whacky certification that combines NLP, Somatic Techniques and T.I.M.E based techniques.
This was apparently developed by Reese herself.
I’m honestly not even sure what this is supposed to teach you.
But according to Reese you will be able to give “support to clients in a complete and in depth transformation that encompasses everything from purpose, to identity, to habitual behaviours of the client.”
Certification 3: Neural Energetic Encoding
Neural energetic encoding is a technique that helps you program your subconscious.
Basically it will help you provide new patterns and habits for your clients and help them break bad habits.
Certification 4: Emotional Freedom Techniques
This is another whacky certification.
Here you’ll learn how to “manage your energy, and create a high vibration in your life using the power of energy tapping.
Certification 5: Hypnosis Practitioner
The last section teaches you hypnosis.
You’ll be using hypnosis as another tool to program your subconscious mind.
Weekly Coaching Calls
When you sign up for Yes Supply you sign up with a coach.
The reason you do this is you get weekly coaching calls for 18 months.
These coaching calls are NOT with Reese, though. They’re with other coaches in the Yes Supply company.
You also get a bunch of bonuses as well.
Here’s a look at them:
Bonus 1: Yes Dream Clients
The first bonus goes over client acquisition.
You’ll learn how to find ideal clients and how to get them to do business with you.
Bonus 2: Creating And Attracting Wealth And Abundance Sessions
The second bonus goes over mindset programming and manifesting.
You’ll receive 11 techniques you can use to help manifest and attract wealth into your life.
Bonus 3: Launch Your Group Coaching Program Masterclass
The third bonus goes over how to create group coaching program in 14 days.
You also get webinar and sales funnel templates you can use to convert potential customers.
Bonus 4: Instagram 10k
The fourth bonus teaches you how to land clients from Instagram.
You’ll learn how to create a following on this platform, how to create content and how to be comfortable on screen.
Bonus 5: Zero to 1000 Email List
Building an email list is one of the most profitable things you can do with a business.. some internet marketers believe it’s the most important thing you can do.
Bonus 5 will teach you how to build an email list and how to convert email subscribers into sales. Yes Supply FAQ’s
1) Is Yes Supply worth $5499?
You do get a decent amount with this program between the training and the live coaching calls (these last for 18 months).
However.. this is a lot of money to learn law of attraction type stuff.
You can buy books from people more successful than Reese about the law of attraction and hypnosis and everything else.
It’ll save you thousands.
2) Is Reese Evans legit?
There’s not really a lot out there about her. I’m sure she’s successful, though.
If she can afford to hire all these coaches she’s definitely making money.
That doesn’t mean you’ll be successful and it doesn’t mean what she’s teaching is legitimate.
3) Will this program help me make money?
It might but I don’t think it’ll be easy.
Basically you’ll be learning how to be a life coach and create online masterminds.
If you put your all into this you can make a living but this kind of work is cringey to me.
Do you really want to teach law of attraction mumbo jumbo as a career?
4) Is there a refund policy?
Yes there’s a 10 day refund policy.
There’s a $40 fee to get your money back, though.
5) Are there better ways to make money online?
Yes, there’s many programs that teach better ways to make money online. To see my favorite place that teaches this, click below:The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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