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Coaching For Overcoming Suicide


Coaching For Overcoming Suicide
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Coaching for overcoming suicide

✅ What you’ll learn
About suicide
Suicidal thoughts
Causes of suicide
What to do when you face a crises
How to reduce emotional pain
Mindfulness skills
How to ask for help
Building relationships
Why should you live?
Increasing security
What you learned in this course
A few words for loved ones

✅ Requirements
Must use a PC, Mac or Mobile Device

✅ Description
Hello and welcome to our course!Suicide is the act of intentionally taking your own life.Suicidal feelings can mean having abstract thoughts about ending your life or feeling that people would be better off without you. Or it can mean thinking about methods of suicide or making clear plans to take your own life.If you are feeling suicidal, you might be scared or confused by these feelings. You may find the feelings overwhelming.But you are not alone. Many people think about suicide at some point in their lifetime.We all face bad times in our lives and maybe some of us can’t cope and end up thinking about suicide or even committing it.This course will help you get rid of your suicidal thoughts.In this course we will talk about:Suicidal thoughtsCauses of suicideWhat to do when you make a suicidal crisisHow to reduce emotional painMindfulness skillsHow to ask for helpHow to build relationshipsThe reasons why you should liveIncreasing securityThis course is aimed at people who have suicidal thoughts.We look forward to having you enrolled in our classes!Thank you for choosing us!Please take into consideration that at the end of the course you will received only an Udemy certificate!

✅ Overview
Section 1: Coaching for overcoming suicide
Lecture 1 About suicide
Lecture 2 Suicidal thoughts
Lecture 3 Causes of suicide
Lecture 4 What to do when you face a crises
Lecture 5 How to reduce emotional pain
Lecture 6 Mindfulness skills
Lecture 7 How to ask for help
Lecture 8 Building relationships
Lecture 9 Why should you live?
Lecture 10 Increasing security
Lecture 11 What you learned in this course
Lecture 12 A few words for loved ones
People interested in overcoming their suicidal tendencies,People interested in helping others overcoming their suicidal tendencies

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