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Get Paid to Own Stocks: Work From Home & Get Paid

Get Paid to Own Stocks: Work From Home & Get Paid
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Learn how to sell secured put options to generate income on a monthly or yearly basis with no prior knowledge of options What you’ll learn
Learn how to add another source of income while working from home.
Learn how to get paid to own stocks.
Learn how to generate passive income in the stock market.
Increase your investments by selling cash secured puts.
Understand how options are priced and traded.
Learn the best investment strategies to increase your chances of success in the stock market.
Develop the knowledge necessary to trade options.

You’ll need access to a computer or smartphone.
Basic knowledge of the stock market.
Learn one of the best kept secrets in the stock market. Taught by Joe Correa, who owned and managed an investment advisory firm and was series 65 licensed and has traded options for years. Selling cash secured puts is profitable and is one of the investment strategies with the highest probabilities of success in the stock market. You don’t need prior knowledge of options to complete this course and can start making money right away.
If you want to start generating passive income on a monthly basis and have the drive to learn a new investment strategy, then this is the course for you. For people who are constantly looking for deals and want to own great stocks at a discount, this is your chance. By selling cash secured put options contracts you’ll be able to have the opportunity to own stocks at a deep discount and if the stock doesn’t go down enough for you to buy it, you get to keep the premium payments.
Imagine that. Getting paid to own a stocks and even getting it at a deep discount. When you sell cash covered puts, you have three ways to profit.
1. If the stock goes up, you make money.
2. If the stock moves sideways, you make money.
3. If the stock goes down but not enough for you to have to buy it, you make money.
If in the worst case scenario, the stock reaches the price you offered to buy it at, you will end up owning the stock but still get to keep the profits made by offering to buy it at that price. “So what’s the catch” you ask? You’ll have the same risk as owning stock but profit if it goes up, down, or sideways. Invest with very little money and make great returns. Even if you are ultra conservative and chose to make a low profit of 3% per month, this would be a 36% per year! Buying options can be a low probability trade but selling cash secured puts can be of much higher probability from 56% to a 98% chance of profit.
In this course, you’ll learn:
– How to invest without paying any fees through Robinhood Financial and Webull
– How to get stocks for free by using my referral code.
– How to sell cash secured puts.
– Become an expert at finding great opportunities.
– Discover the “Best options selling plan”, which you can copy and start making profits.
– How to practice selling cash secured puts through paper trading accounts.
– How to create passive income on a weekly or monthly basis.
– Automate your trades so you can enjoy the day while you wait for your position to be executed at the price you want.
– Increase your chances to profit by using probabilities to take advantage of trades.
– Limit your risk by choosing great stocks and offering to buy them much lower than they’re currently trading at.
You can even start your trading account with no money at all by referring friends and family and getting free stock for doing so. You can sell that stock after that and keep the money or reinvest it to sell cash secured puts to generate monthly passive income.

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