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James Van Elswyk – Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition

James Van Elswyk – Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition
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Author: James Van Elswyk
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James Van Elswyk’s Business Scaling System That Is So Disruptive You Have To Sign An NDA When You Purchase.
If You Want To Build A Sustainable Company Of Loyal Team Members That Fight Your Battles, Bring New Ideas To The Table, And Man The Ship When The Captain Is Away, Then This Training Will Show You How.

It’s No Secret: Going From 7-Figures To 8-Figures And Beyond Requires A Dedicated And Loyal Team.
Building Out The Right Team Players And Learning To Trust Those Team Players With “Revenue Responsibility” Puts You In The Position For Exponential Business Growth And Enables You As A Leader To Seek More Business Opportunities Rather Than Putting Out Daily Fires.

You may know me from my speaking events, including Affiliate Summit, iStack Training, and my own Geek Out educational experiences.
Now, in all my time teaching and growing teams, I have discovered one problem that seems to plague even the best of the best in this industry:
Going from a one man/woman show to a streamlined business with a full team of employees you trust with the keys to the kingdom and build this team out quickly and effectively.

I’ve Hired And Fired Thousands Of People Across Many Industries Over The Past 26 Years.
I’ve Scaled One Business From 8 Employees To 80 Employees In One Year And Up To 440 In 2.5 Years.
I’ve Scaled My Lead Generation And Ecommerce Media Buying Business From 1 Outsourced Campaign Manager To 35 Employees (25 In-House) And 10s Of Millions In Revenue In Only 2 Years.
My “Data-Proven Method” Of Building And Scaling A Business Works So Well, I’ve Been Able To Build An Entire Creative Department Outside The U.S. In Less Than 30 Days And Scale It To 14 Full-Time Employees. Note: I’ve Never Visited The Department Once, And None Of The Employees Even Speak English. And The Department Is Consistently Profitable!
Trained Multiple Media Buyers From Zero Knowledge On How To Buy Media… To Eventually Managing Millions Of Dollars In Ad Budgets.
I Currently Run Multiple Highly-Successful Multi-Million Dollar Companies With Employees That Never Call Out Sick Because They F***ing Love What They Do And Are Inspired To Work.

My P3 Scaling System is not cheap.
Because This Is The First Time I Unveil What I Do And How I Do It.
The only other time I taught my system on scaling out a highly-successful team was to a small group of entrepreneurs that each paid $10,000 to attend.
I figure If I’m going to show how I eliminate turnover, create highly-motivated team members, increase margins, and make every employee extremely valuable to the company… then I’m going to charge a pretty penny.
And it’s no secret…
My team is what HBO is to television.
Bold. Detailed. Hit Makers.
If that’s what you desire, then this will be the best page you’ll read all day.

My personal “People Pixel Strategy Secret” that is like taking data from ad campaigns and applying it to your team members so you can make effective decisions for explosive business growth in less than a year.
My everyday business solutions straight from my own “seasoned pixel brain.” Listen, I’ve been doing this a long time. Learning from my mistakes and successes is like striking gold in terms of ROI.
How to structure your short, medium, and long term goals based on your profits and data (this is where many businesses fail because they get caught up with the “sales emotions” which puts them in a bind… always looking for the “next sale” rather than sustainable strategies).
My “hands on” business tactic that I discovered when I hired my first employee at the age of 17. This grants me the ability to see how and where to generate money every single day in my business without hesitation or worry.
How living and doing business in Israel has helped me run a “cash cow” business without feeling dependent on lines of credit.
How to become permanently “cash positive” in your business so that you don’t wake up in a panic because you didn’t make sales yesterday (this involves getting disciplined on costs in areas with smaller margins).
My personal and easy-to-use equation I call: “How I’m Gonna Make A Sh*t Ton Of Green™️”. This is the equation I use before I begin any project. Most business owners consider the costs of ads and media spend. But they tend to forget about this one core cost that affects the entire business.
How to avoid the dreaded “STUCK” when trying to scale your business (“fear of scaling” is real, but it doesn’t have to be. It happens to business owners because they are used to the way they’ve been scaling campaigns. I’ll show you how to rid yourself of this fear by giving you a clear understanding at how to build out a team with ease).
The precise metrics to look at to know if and when you can scale your business, including where to start and why. (This will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches because I give you a proven roadmap to follow.)

  • My method to making more money by working less and shutting off my brain. A wise man once said, “if you’re working too much, then you don’t have time to make money.” Once I grasped this concept, then it was like opening the flood gates for more creativity and revenue streams.
  • How I quantify everything in my business. In other words, I know the ROI for every decision I make, every person I hire, and every project I pursue.
  • My philosophy on why I will pay out the nose just to have an employee sit and think more (and how this escalates my ROI across the board).
  • Why I shy away from hiring “professionals” of any platform, and why you should, too. This is counterintuitive to many business owners, and one of the reasons why my training is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
  • My coveted “Self Analysis” checklist that’s like a screenshot of showing money coming in and money going out, and knowing what your next move should be and why (revealed in Chapter 3 at the 10:12 mark).
  • How to cut “business bloat” every single month for more profit and less “costs.”
  • Why I believe you shouldn’t be doing 90% of the work that falls on your lap. Only the tiny 1% of real entrepreneurs know about this, and they keep this secret close to their chest.
  • The science-backed reason why I have all of my employees video tape their tasks and keep them on file.
  • How to squeeze the most amount of creativity and profit out of each employee, and why this strategy makes each employee happier, more relaxed, and want to stay with the company until they die.
  • The #1 question I ask myself before I begin any project. This is something I learned while doing business in Israel. 98.5% of American business owners are always set on making the “cash register ring” but what they lack is this simple strategy that gives the “ringing” of the cash register more impact without going “cash negative.”
  • My “Money Fasting Method™️” that is like injecting your company with top of the line growth hormones for a leaner, stronger, and more energetic business (especially when you want to test new offers).
  • The highly-profitable reason I treat my business like a “product” rather than a company and how this makes my competitors panic, even though I’m not thinking about them in the first place. (If you’re not doing this, then how are you setting yourself apart from everyone else?)
  • Why it is absolutely imperative you find your “secret sauce” fast and leverage it hard, and not share it with anyone… not even your closest friend or trusted advisor.

Let me break away from that last bullet point and tell you a story.

I learned this “secret sauce” method when I was 18 years old and I worked at a very “shady” pizza parlor.

I knew something was up, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I put my head down and I worked.

Anyway, that’s beside the point…

Here’s what I remember:

When it came time for the owner to make the pizza sauce…

Everyone Had To Leave. No One Was Allowed To Learn The Real Secret That Set Him Apart From Everyone Else.

He knew what made his business different from other pizza parlors was his literal “secret sauce.”

He knew if his “secret sauce” got into the hands of another pizza parlor with better customer service, lower prices, and better location… then it was only a matter of time before he’d have to close up shop.

Ask yourself this: what really sets you apart?

Why should people care about what you do, or what you bring to the table?

Find it, put a spotlight on the results, and leverage it harder than anything else in your business.

And keep the “HOW” you do it locked away. (Another reason why this training isn’t cheap… I’m actually sharing my “secret sauce”).

Here’s More Of What You’ll Learn In My Business Scaling Training:

  • The top 6 departments you should absolutely outsource to the right people (including how to find those people and what “red flags” you should keep an eye on).
  • What you should not under any circumstance outsource unless you want to ruin your brand, voice, and business goals.
  • How to create a corporate culture that is so revered, other companies will go out of their way to compliment you and how you treat and work with your employees. (This is what separates the “perception” of a great company, and a truly great company because the employees feel it and believe it. This is one of my many secrets to keeping employees on my payroll for over 10+ years and love working with me.)
  • The #1 way to destroy your “Business Conversion Rates” on repeat orders and more clients, and how to avoid this. If it’s not avoided, then you’ll get more “walk-outs” and less respect in the marketplace.
  • Why speaking at live events that are relevant to your industry at least once or twice a year is absolutely critical if you care about your brand and voice.
  • A “company cloning secret” that creates an illusion of “choice” to fickle clients.
  • My personal “War Chest Analysis.” This is what you follow IF everything in your business decides to take a sh*t. This includes how much to have set aside, how long you can last, assessment of damage, and knowing exactly what to do to become cash positive as quickly as possible.
  • The “True Loss Calculation” I always review when testing new offers and closing out each month (and how to go from “projections” to “actuals” in the least amount of time).
  • Why you should STOP hiring more media buyers. (I explain this reasoning in Chapter 3 and why 97.6% of business owners are doing this backwards. I’ll show you how to save more money and create bad ass media buyers at the same time.)
  • A new employee is a good investment, right? Maybe. However, if they are NOT… a good investment, many businesses don’t realize it until it’s too late and money has been drained from the company. What I reveal is how to spend the least amount of “employee testing funds” to see if the employee is worth the investment to “scale.”

Let me break away again from that last “highlighted bullet” and give you another story.

I first learned about “testing employees” when I managed and ran a very successful call center.

The math was simple…

If you didn’t get rid of a bad employee fast enough, then you could potentially lose out on thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue because you were taking leads and time away from other “proven employees” that could generate sales.

How did I find out if someone was a “bad employee”?

Well, it was stressful because I had to keep an eye on them all the time, listen to their calls, give notes, keep training, listen to their calls again, keep them motivated, and so on…

This took time and energy on my part, which meant spending a lot of money on getting someone “up to speed.”

So how did it make me feel when I realized the employee wasn’t going to be a right fit?

Many business owners in the advertising industry can relate to this scenario, especially when training media buyers.

It’s discouraging because not only does it cost the company money, but many business owners start to question their own methods and how they hired the wrong person in the first place…

To eliminate the frustrations of hiring the “wrong person,” including the costs and time away from my own projects, I chose to do a scientifically-proven strategy psychologists use in their practice, and this dropped my turnover rate from 80% to almost 0%… in less than 30 days!

Matter of fact, what I did worked so well, it also eliminated me hiring another “bad employee” ever again. (Revealed in Chapter Four: Building Your Team)

Wait. There’s More, Sugar.

Here’s What Else You’ll Learn From My P3 Scaling Training:

  • Extinguish the feeling of “second guessing” yourself when it comes to who you should hire first, second, third, and so on. I reveal my personalized Media Buying Labor Pyramid and break down each step when it comes to cost and level of importance, and how it differs from industry to industry depending on what you want to optimize (shown at 4:00 of Chapter 4: Building Your Team).
  • My belief that “3 Brains Are Better Than 1” and why I split test EVERYTHING, even down to even the employees I hire.
  • My exact “carrot dangling” technique that allows me to get the most out of my employees, while also decreasing costs, and increasing performance.
  • How to pay for outsource labor while having the outsourced employees in your office.
  • Want to cut the time-wasting “back and forth” between copywriters, videographers, and operations and get campaigns launched and live without a single hiccup? I show how I do it on Chapter 4, around the 20:44 mark.
  • The gangster level of efficiency that you never thought was possible, even if you’ve tried everything to get your team on the same page and make it streamlined. Here’s how smooth I’ve gotten my efficiency: I have a whole creative team of Ukrainians that don’t speak a lick of English… and they are taking care of my clients that don’t speak a word of Russian. And it works!
  • My GEO hiring (aka how I make my company run 24 hours a day 7 days a week without a single snag or complaint).
  • My quiet and subtle way to boost “revenue responsibility” for each employee without saying a single word. This method dissolves even the slightest hint of slacking off. It also increases the quality of work across the board.
  • My simple email reply to my media buyers that is so powerful it should be used in interrogation rooms. By doing this exact email reply, I will almost always receive an email back from my media buyer within 5 minutes explaining what went wrong with a previous day’s campaign and how it will be fixed.
  • The “self-monitoring” system that allows me to not “check-in” with my outsource employees.
  • The culturural reason why hire people from different nationalities to accomplish specific tasks. This method of hiring “professionals of a craft” dates back centuries. I’ve simply modernized the system and now use it to grow my multiple companies.
  • How I find “Seal Team 6 Assassin” Employees that ride or die, and usually end up working with me for many many years. (This is my “Diamond In The Rough” theory. Learn how to spot those potential employees and hang onto them like they are your child).
  • My Top 5 Hiring Preference Order (and the reasoning behind each one).
  • Why I stay away from popular Facebook job groups. Interestingly enough, I have a copywriter that may be one of the best advertorial copywriter and absolute professional bad ass, and she’s not known in any of the popular copywriter Facebook groups. She’s one of my many “Diamonds In The Rough” and I’ll show you how to find yours.
  • How to get the biggest ROI by hiring “untrained people” rather than “trained professionals.”
  • My silly “simple value” trick I do to nurture important relationships. This is key for when the time comes and I ask for help finding an employee. All of a sudden I have multiple people referring me the best of the best.
  • My 7-step hiring flow which includes an in-depth “Personality Test” that must be filled out. This goes back to eliminating “turnover” and hiring “bad employees.
  • The psychological reason why I have my employees take part in the hiring process, and why I only hire a “unanimous win” from myself and all of my employees. (Note: you want loyalty? This is how you do it.)

After the interview, I ask my employees…

The 3 Most Important Interview Questions

And they are:

  1. Is the candidate a nice person? (important for our industry)
  2. Does the candidate want to make money? (want to gauge the level of “motivation” and money is a huge motivator)
  3. Will they screw me over?

That last question is important. Remember: you have an edge in your industry, and you need to keep that “secret sauce” secret.

Plus You’ll Also Learn:

  • My strange but logical reasoning on how I put candidates into different baskets based on real life character traits.
  • The “Chain of Command” reason why I only meet with my possible candidate last (after all of my employees met with him/her) and why I only meet with them no more than 5 minutes. Without this step, it could cause weeks if not months of confusion and misunderstanding and profit loss (Chapter 5, 37:18)
  • I have a saying: “new brooms sweep well.” This ties in perfectly when hiring new employees. It’s the reason why I keep an eye on an employee after a couple of months after hiring and see how they have progressed and if they are still acting like that “new broom.” Then, if I want to see what kind of employee they really are, I do something specific out of the blue without telling them and see how they react. (Chapter 5, 40:59)
  • The research-backed reason why I shuffle furniture in the room or have a lot of commotion going on when interviewing a new candidate.
  • The same reason why after I hire a new person, I don’t talk to them in their “familiar” area, but instead transport them to an unfamiliar location to have a conversation. (Chapter 5, 42:44)
  • My “Vladimir Putin Mental Game” I use when I want shift the conversation dynamics and get real, honest information. (Chapter 5, 43:55)
  • Why I love hiring moms that want to get back into the workforce. And why hiring more moms will make your business run smoother, easier, and more relaxed.
  • The reason why you should fire quickly. This goes in line with my philosophy: don’t spend excess amount of time to “make” an OK employee great. There are already plenty of great future employees waiting for a job. Fire quickly and hire a person that makes you go “hell yes.”
  • How to use UpWork like a gangster and make it your asset, not your frustration.

Take A Look Below…


Look at it again.

I’ve spent over $250K on UpWork.

And that’s all from only one company.


I still work with numerous contractors on UpWork and they continue to give me on-time, dedicated work.

I hear many business owners complain about UpWork and other freelancing sites.

I hear things like “freelancers flake” or they deliver bad work, or the communication was terrible.

Lots of reasons…

However, with the way I do things, I set a very specific and proven “filter” on UpWork for certain jobs…

See, I’ve split tested people.

And based on my countless results…

I know who will be a right fit BEFORE the person even sends me their resume and work examples (sometimes I don’t even ask for examples.. I already know they’re going to be perfect).

I use a method I call “Business Profiling.”

But there’s a problem, and one of the reasons why you have to sign an NDA after you purchase…

In today’s “heated” world with the tip-toeing around political correctness and not wanting to hurt each other’s feelings… my method may not be looked upon favorably by those easily offended.

But those people that would shake their heads in disgust haven’t done the testing, and they are also not scaling at the heights I am.

Plus, how I found my method was by doing in-depth research on cultures and customs.

I then leveraged those deep-rooted customs and beliefs for various positions I needed to fill.

In short: when I hire, I do it with an almost 100% surety the work will be professional and exactly what I’m looking for every time (revealed in Chapter 5).

Here’s More Of What I’ve Done With My Tested And Proven P3 Scaling System:

  • How to manage without “seeing” what they are doing (and why always watching your employees is a “rookie move” that doesn’t increase responsibility and confidence in the employee).
  • Worst possible people to hire and why should run away from these “types” at all costs…
  • Why I seek out “underprivileged” and “undervalued” people all the time, and why they end up becoming my biggest champions (Chapter 5: “What to look for…”)
  • Where I go to recruit the absolute best of the best employees (Chapter 5: “What to look for…”)
  • Are you leveraging the unemployment office? Why not? You should and I go into detail why in Chapter 5: “What to look for…”
  • The 2 departments with LOTS of room to create an edge that no one can touch (I also reveal why I’ll always win in this specific department, and how…)
  • The simple and cheap formula to create an edge if you don’t already have it (Chapter 5: “What to look for…”)
  • Why I pixel and re-market to job candidates (Chapter 5)
  • How to achieve the highest level of trust and respect from your employees, and how one single word on a social post could ruin that “status” for good…
  • How to set up an effective compensation plan where everyone’s happy (this is tricky, and most businesses fear trying this, but the truth is… this is how I get the most out of my employees and keep them hustling).
  • How to keep conversations productive and time sensitive, including the conversations in Skype, Slack, or wherever you maintain communication (and why I’ll remove people from certain conversations…)
  • The absolute best practice to train people. For some, this step may seem “old fashioned.” But there is a psychological reason why I train this way because it “solidifies” each step in their brain like a branding iron.
  • My “slightly savage” way of putting fire under the asses of my media buyers… and why they’ll never make the same mistake a 3rd time (revealed in Chapter 7: Mastering Operations).
  • How long I think it takes to train a media buyer to get them up to speed and gain their trust.
  • Which platform I think is the best starting point to train all newbie media buyers (and no, it’s not Facebook). Which brings me to…
  • Why I teach media buying on Facebook last.
  • Why using the phrase “can you help…” boosts employee confidence and makes them feel empowered like they matter to the company (shown in Chapter 7, at the 19:03 mark).
  • Why “mandatory vacation time” is a powerful tool to use for when you want to “clean up” all of the mistakes, including ineffective practices, bad relationships with clients, and discovering just how dependent you are with that employee.
  • The key differences of hiring horizontally and hiring vertically (and why I ALWAYS prefer the former).
  • How I close out each month, including cash review, project review, and plan creation.
  • The proven and tested sentence to say when firing someone easily and cleanly.
  • Who you should fire, when you should fire, and how to fire someone that won’t cause a scene and leave on good terms. (No one “likes” to fire, but it has to happen. I’ve fired A LOT of people through the years and I’ve gotten it down to a science so it’s easy, smooth, and anyone can do it, even if you hate confrontation).
  • The 5 most critical reports I need to review every week or else everything I’ve done is complete bullsh*t.
  • How to “spot” your first manager (aka your “winner” employee, aka your “#1”). The person you can trust when to comes to training other employees and essentially help you grow your business.
  • What books I start sending my managers how this is a subtle way to get inside their heads and start pushing them to be even better (Chapter 12: Executive Team).
  • When I schedule my meetings, including the most important meeting that I hold between the hours of late Saturday night and all day Sunday. Without this meeting, I am an open target to the “business reaction” that can cripple any company no matter how successful…
  • Why UpWork is one of my favorite tools not just for hiring… but for product research, job research, and market research. I go in-depth on how to use UpWork as an educational tool that has become exponentially useful for me as a business owner. I don’t see a lot of people using UpWork the way I do it…
  • The single best “gamification tactic” I’ve used that booms a company’s morale and gets everyone playing (Chapter 13: Employee Engagement).
  • And so much more including:

How to open up a business in another country, even if you’ve never been there…(Chapter 10, 2:36)… the real reason why I think having a large “creative team” is the biggest asset, and will continue to thrive in today’s market (Chapter 10, 9:18)… how to set yourself as the “power structure” in the first 5 minutes of hiring a new person (Chapter 5, 37:01)… the clever way to cover a lot more ground and have a lot more time to think and create (Chapter 6, 31:58)… how to have other employees look at you as someone that has his/her sh*t together and can’t be bothered with small “fires” (Chapter 13, 10:52)… and much, much more!

Anyway, have I teased you enough?

Listen, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s inside my P3 Scaling System.

So, let’s go ahead and talk about…

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