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Popa Iulian – Personal Development – What People Learn too Late in Life

Popa Iulian – Personal Development – What People Learn too Late in Life
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Get the most out of life by getting to the core of what you must know in order to do anything in your life!
Welcome to the course grasshopper! In this course, you will learn a lot about yourself. People that already lived have put some bread crumbs for us all to follow. If they were right or wrong only an educated mind can tell. We don’t need recipes, we need some kind of structure through which we can filter the world in a consistent way. A way that will bring a good outcome for us.

You will learn about the 7 major problems in a human life. About what hurts, the struggle and joy. We will ask fundamental questions about work and how to work smart. We will follow with a seed about transforming work into play, let us grow that seed! After these lectures an important lesson about people’s needs and how to find them. No more mystery will obscure your true relationship with your parents and teachers when you expose yourself to a few principles. These bits of information will help you start a self-discovery journey that will change your life in the way you want to be changed.
You will be able to create your own family, not repeating an age-old pattern, but create something precious, new and peaceful. No need for a life of daily discord. Your children will be happy, your wife or husband, loving.
You will escape the subconscious pull of crowds with crowd think or the usual manipulation made by evil people. Finding a new field of improvement named “Intelectual Self-Defense” will make you ask for more.
And more will come in the form of a short analysis of rejection and failure. The only way that you get success. Get another piece of the puzzle by taking a scientifical personality test. Discover what paths in life are compatible with your strengths and weaknesses. Get to know how to recognize complementary people and make them your friends.
We will end with a gift and a quiz. A gift of poetry that will accompany you in your journey of discovery and change. Remember everyone is anxious and afraid of this life, some are just better at confronting their fears. Don’t worry, you made the first step, you are already moving. Go and win for you and for all of humanity!

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