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Print on Demand T-Shirt Business – 150% Profit Etsy Stores

Print on Demand T-Shirt Business – 150% Profit Etsy Stores
Original Price: $109
Author: Luke Kelly
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How To Create A Fully Automated Money Making Print on Demand Stores with Etsy – Printful.
What you’ll learn
Print on Demand Dropshipping with Etsy
Print on Demand Business
Etsy Business Creation
Etsy Store Creation
Etsy SEO
Etsy Marketing
Digital Marketing
Printful – Etsy Integration
eCommerce Sales
A positive can do attitude
Looking to start an online business? Heard about the HUGE opportunity on Etsy? Do your friends have Etsy stores they’re making a full time living from? Etsy is the BIGGEST opportunity online right now. And this course will show you how to create a full automated, 150% profit business that you can run while traveling, working part time, or as a side income. And the best part? You don’t need any special skills, artistic abilities or any inventory sitting in your garage!
It was 5:27am, I remember rolling over half asleep to see my phone screen light up.
Great, another annoying Tumblr notification..
or so I thought..
I looked again and noticed the app icon wasn’t the normal blue and white tumblr icon.. rather it was a small white square.
“new sale from tmorgan”
What the heck? A sale already? That can’t be right.
I sat up and unplugged the lightning cable from my iPhone and rolled onto my back staring at the screen with one eye still half asleep.
“What are you doing? It’s late.. go back to sleep!” My wife blurted out.
“Just a sec, I think I made a sale on Etsy”..
I opened the app and there it was, my first Etsy sale. I literally couldn’t believe it.
I had barely opened my store a week ago.. and I think I barely spent 2 or 3 hours setting things up.
I scrolled to my dashboard and there it was, my first t-shirt sale.
This was crazy… I hadn’t done any kind of keyword research or optimization to my store.
I was baffled as to how I got a sale so quickly when all the other platforms I’d try took months to get sales coming in?
I do a little fist pump.. Then decide I better go back to sleep. Big day tomorrow.
Only to wake up to another sale! Whoa!
This time it was a mug that I created from an old t-shirt design. Thank you very much!! I’ll take those sales everyday of the week!
I checked the app again, and there it was, 2 sales overnight with zero effort on my behalf. Not bad at all.
I remember saying to my wife, ‘This is why I love the print on demand business model. Passive income, and no inventory.. totally hands off’
But I have to admit though.. I was a bit worried.
What happens next? I didn’t know what to do now the sales had come through to my Etsy store.
Did I have to manually process them on Printful?
Would all the right shipping information get sent to Printful?
What about pricing information and exchange rates?
I live in Australia so conversion rates might mean I’m losing money.. ahh.. lots of questions.
But I had to go to work, so I’d take a look later that night once I finished uploading my podcast.
After an anxious day at work I logged into Printful and checked each order.
One order in ‘Waiting for fulfilment’ and another ‘Not Synced’.
Not synced? What the heck did that mean?
I spend a few hours getting used to the Printful interface. I finally nutted out why my mug didn’t sync and processed the order. Thank god it wasn’t going through Shopify and everything worked so smoothly.
Okay, better give my little man his dinner and put him to bed. The normally nightly routine.
I grab a cold glass of water and jump on the PC. Right.. time to upload shirts to Merch.
Shhhhhttt Shhhhtttt … I look at my phone, a third Etsy sale! My mug had sold again. YES!! Okay, this is awesome.
Three sales from 2-3 hours work.. I knew right then and there that this is whole Etsy thing is the real deal.. I’ve never made sales so easily.
So I decide that weekend it’s time to knuckle down and put in some serious effort.
So Saturday I upload like crazy and get 80 listings up. A mixture of old shirt designs and funny mug ideas I’ve been thinking about for awhile.
I research every blog post I can find about optimising listings, using keywords, using the right tags and what type of Etsy software the pros we’re recommending.
I know from experience if I optimise properly it’ll give me far more opportunity to get sales. My eyes are burning from reading so screen time.
The next week, things start to really move.
I’m starting to see a sale every second day. I keep uploading, optimising, researching and working like crazy to build out my store.
Sales keep coming in. I keep waking up to my phone making that sweet sweet ‘cha-ching’ sound.
Then I think to myself, I need to use what I’ve learnt from Merch by Amazon and Seller Central to play with different pricing.
I find other sellers with similar quality designs and check their prices against mine.
Time to bumpppppppp up those prices.
Sales keep coming in.
I bump my prices higher again.
Each sale is now generating $15 – per shirt sold. More than I’ve earned on any other PoD platform. I was SOLD. Etsy is where it was at.
Who is the course for?
This course will show you everything you need to create a successful store that earns you HUGE profit margins, selling products that people love, all while you sleep.
Existing Merch by Amazon sellers
Anyone still waiting to get into Merch by Amazon
Anyone still stuck in the lower tiers
Anyone with an old Etsy account looking to create a side income
Anyone still stuck in the lower tiers
Teepublic, Redbubble, and Teespring sellers
Graphic Designers, Illustrators, and Artists
Amazon T-Shirt Seller Central Sellers
Existing Etsy sellers manually placing orders with other PoD Partners
Anyone wanting to build their first successful E-Commerce store
Anyone who wants to avoid the mistakes most new starters make with Print on Demand
Anyone who is confused by all the variables linked to running a successful Etsy/Printful Store
Existing t-shirt sellers who want to diversify their businesses
Digital nomads who want the the freedom of an online business
Families looking to generate income to spend more time at home with their children
Entrepreneurs who want passive income without owning inventory
How long does it take to get setup?
Following the course your store will be up and running with multiple products in a matter of hours. You can have high quality custom printed products available in a matter of a few clicks. We show you the best way to configure your store for maximum profitability.
Should I take this course if I’m selling on other PoD platforms?
YES! If you have existing designs that are selling on platforms like Merch By Amazon, Teepublic or Shopify you are missing out on a huge opportunity by not selling on Etsy. Etsy has over 20 million eager shoppers every month that want unique custom products.
What are the profit margins like?
Excellent! Because Etsy is a ‘handmade’ style platform, buyers are happy to spend more for a unique custom printed item. As a print on demand store this is great because we make more profit per sale.
What our previous students (prior to Udemy) are saying:
“Fantastic course – Already seeing huge increase in sales since completion of this course
I have gone through the modules that Luke created entirely and am very impressed by the level of detail across all aspects, including saving money through credit card options. It has assisted my mindset and ability to do research and find products worth testing and have already seen very good results. After just over a month, have had over 50 sales, which is astonishing for someone like me who has done very little to achieve this result. By using IG, Pinterest, Facebook and Marmalead to find keywords, I have not only improved my SEO majorly, but have also found inspiration for other designs I plan to do in the future. This course is a must-have for those wishing to start a successful career on Etsy using Printful as their supplier to achieve this. By far, worth every cent I spent on it, as I’ve already made the money I spent on it back completely. I appreciate greatly what you have done here Luke! You have changed my entire life! Anyone hesitating, ACT NOW! DON’T MISS OUT! This is a course made from a passionate person who loves to help other’s achieve financial freedom, and it shows throughout his entire course. I look forward to his future content! Thanks heaps, Ricky”
by Ricky Hayes
“What a Valuable Class!”
Luke’s class has truly been amazing. He has been such a big help! I came into this knowing very little about Etsy, but some knowledge of print on demand with my Merch by Amazon work. This has helped me get my store set up and running, and I’ve already started to see sales! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, I truly feel like Luke is as excited about my success as I am! Thank you for all you’ve done and for this very informative course!
by Dan Warner
“Everything you need to get going!”
As someone who has dabbled in ETSY over the last few years, I was excited about the possibilities that came along with the recent ETSY/Printful Integration. Luke and his course cover everything you need to know, and even though I already had some experience already selling on ETSY, I learned a ton of tips and tricks that are going to blow up my ETSY store in 2019! Don’t hesitate, get this course now because ESTY is one of the biggest and best opportunities you have to make money with Print-On-Demand products!
by Stephen Heffernan
Who this course is for:
New Etsy business start ups
Print on Demand Dropshippers
Drop Shipping Students
eCommerce store creators
Digital Marketers
Passive Income Entrepreneurs
T-Shirt Designers
T-Shirt Business Creators

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