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Radical Duplication by Eric Worre

Radical Duplication by Eric Worre
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Author: Eric Worre
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Learn a simple step-by-step program to Create a Team that Produces Results Without You Doing All the Work
With Radical Duplication, you will gain simple strategies and structured tactics to ignite and automate the growth of your downline.

What if.
You could duplicate your efforts and retain more people than ever before
Your team produced results when you’re not around
Your distributors were inspired to do the work instead of you doing it all for them
You increased retention and lowered the number of distributors who quit

Duplication is the Tool Used by Million Dollar Earners to
Create Rapid Growth Within Their Downline.

Does this sound familiar?
You recruit 5 new people but.
You have to drag them out of bed and tell them when to work and how to work.
You have to attend all of the meetings because they don’t know how to give a presentation.
You have to answer their constant questions about recruiting.
And you have to help their new distributors get started.
One-by-one your distributors leave your team.
But what if when you recruited those new people.
You could give them a simple step-by-step guide on how to immediately get started?

Are You Ready to
Stop Distributor Dropout and Retain More Distributors Than Ever Before??
With the Radical Duplication Master Class, you will gain structured, simple strategies to ignite your business and your team and create massive duplication.

Course 1: Growing Your Network Marketing Business with Radical Duplication
In this first course, I share my learning experiences of Duplication when I was first starting out in Network Marketing. One challenge was signing up a bunch of people and most of them not doing anything. The other dilemma was trying to constantly help them all at once. They lacked independence. Sound familiar?

Course 2: Stories: Building a Team That Duplicates
A valuable lesson I learned from the late Jim Rohn is, when building a team that duplicates, you need to know your numbers. This course identifies the five different groups that can comprise your team and the statistical composition of each group based on a survey of 100 distributors. This insight will guide you to where you need to place your focus. You’ll also learn that what it takes to get to the Top 2% of Network Marketing is to make a decision and recruit 10 people. A key lesson when getting to the top is to accept the realities. In this course, you’ll learn what some of these realities are and some distinctions about them.

Course 3: 4 Pillars for Radical Duplication
Pillar 1: Lead by Example
If you want to change the numbers, you have to become a part of the Super Recruiter Group. And if you recruit 20 in 30 Days, you’ll experience a growth spurt you never dreamed possible.
Pillar 2: Get People Started Effectively
We’re starting to get into a little bit more structure with some key strategies, number one of which is to “Push Them Over the Line and Keep Them Over the Line.” This concept is vital, and I’ll review ways to do this and other strategies for getting your team started effectively. I also talk about Setting Proper Expectations and creating a Getting Started Checklist.
Pillar 3: Move Your People from Level 1 to 5 Quickly
You’ll learn how to quickly move your people to the Super Recruiter level. This is when your business will begin to take quantum leaps beyond your imagination.
Pillar 4: Create a Culture of Speed
Success Loves Speed. As a leader, you need to make a decision to create a Culture of Speed within your organization. You’ll learn how to do that, so when people think of your team, it will be synonymous with action, speed and momentum.

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