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Steven Kotler – Zero to Dangerous – Flow Research Collective

Steven Kotler – Zero to Dangerous – Flow Research Collective
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Author: Steven Kotler
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Use Flow States to Sharpen Your Focus, Triple Your Productivity, and Reach Your Goals in Record Time
Zero to Dangerous has three main elements that help you achieve your goals.
Element 1

Daily Content & Exercises
Over eight weeks, you’ll master the world’s most cutting edge, science based strategies for achieving peak performance in business and life. Our framework will help you produce real results fast—freeing up time, reducing overwhelm and spending your entire workday in flow!
element 2

Intimate Neuroscience Based Coaching
Over eight weeks, you’ll work one-on-one with one of our highly trained peak performance coaches, backed by our research team of expert-level psychologists and neuroscientists. All of our coaches are world leading experts and will push you to where you want to go—and far beyond.
element 3

Lifetime Group Coaching & Community
Every week, our performance coaches facilitate live group coaching sessions. Imagine being plugged into a community of peak performing business leaders who provide you with accountability, support and feedback. You’ll have lifetime access and all time zones are accommodated.
“This showed me that 80% of my work was sabotaging the 20% of my effort that was producing almost all of my results! They showed me how to drop the 80% of effort that was suppressing my performance and slowing me down. The changes I made are allowing me to write my next book in a fraction of the time!”
– Vishen Lakhiani Founder & CEO, Mindvalley, Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind
“Before training with the Flow Research Collective, I didn’t know how to drive myself into the zone. Some days I’d crush it, but it was inconsistent. Now every workday is better than my best workdays used to be. I’m so much more productive, it’s shocking how much of a difference it made.”
– Charles D. Lightfoot Firefighter & CEO, Firebrand Media Group
Are you struggling to balance your lofty professional goals with your family life, health and internal wellbeing?
We get it! It’s not your fault. We’re here to help.
We’ve combined the most powerful elements of executive coaching with scientific research and cutting edge digital delivery to produce a powerful solution.

The real problem is not only huge, but it’s everything, everywhere, all the time:
The average knowledge worker is only productive for 2.3 hours per day
Every week, they spend half a day duplicating work they did the week before
They check their email 36 times per hour
They’re interrupted 56 times per day
They waste 36 hours in unnecessary meetings a month

And most devastating of all: the average knowledge worker is interrupted every 11 minutes (and it takes up to 23 minutes to get back into focus after a disruption).
The modern workplace steals your attention and undermines your best intentions at every turn. But your attention is your access point to peak performance.
In Zero-to-Dangerous, you’ll reclaim your attention and prioritize flow.
From there, it’s possible for you to achieve more in the next year than what some achieve in their entire career.


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